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Fortnite x John Wick | Challenges, cosmetics, and more

The Fortnite x John Wick event after has gone live. If you want to know about the limited time mode’s challenges, cosmetics, and more, we’ve got you covered. Find out everything about the Fortnite x John Wick event with our guide.

Fortnite x John Wick | Release date

Fortnite x John Wick

As we alluded to above, the Fortnite x John Wick event has gone live on May 16. It was leaked ahead of its official reveal by prominent data miners such as Lucas7yoshi_, so we aren’t surprised to see this LTM event make its way into the game.

As we suspected as well, the event has been patched in for the release of the next John Wick film. John Wick: Parabellum has just been released in cinemas, so this is the perfect time for this crossover event.

Fortnite x John Wick | Limited Time Mode

Fortnite x John Wick

Now that the Fortnite x John Wick event is out in the wild, we know how the Wick’s Bounty game type works. Players are divided up into squads of four and are tasked with collecting Gold Coins and eliminating other bounty hunter squads.

Each player has three lives, so don’t worry if you’re gunned down pretty quickly. You’ll have another two chances to make your mark with your squad and earn some tokens. However, once your three lives are gone you’re out of the game. It’ll be up to the rest of your squad to carry the extra weight and lead your team to victory.

The first team to reach its required token count wins the match. As each squad picks up Gold Coins during this game mode, be aware that you may paint a target on your head. Token leaders are marked on the map for everyone to see, so you’ll have to work together as a squad to keep each other alive.

Fortnite x John Wick | Challenges

Fortnite x John Wick

Like other LTM events, the Fortnite x John Wick one has challenges that you can attempt to complete and earn rewards from. Read about each of the six challenges below and, if you want to find out what you’ll earn for completing each task, check out the rewards section further down this page.

Win a match of Wick’s Bounty

Wick’s Bounty is the game type that we’ve detailed in the Limited Time Mode section of this guide. For this challenge, you only have to win one match of Wick’s Bounty. It’s much easier to do as a squad of four rather than playing alone. Just make sure that your squad up with your best Fortnite buddies. You’ll stand a better chance of winning if you do.

Play Matches of Wick’s Bounty

This will be a very easy one to complete. You’ll simply need to take part in seven different matches of Wick’s Bounty. Once you do, and if this challenge is correct, you’ll chalk it off your list.

Collect Gold Coins

You’ll need to collect 120 Gold Coins to complete this task. Judging by the challenge below this one, this will be a cumulative task. You won’t have to worry about getting 120 coins in a single game then, but be aware you’ll need to accrue them from each Wick’s Bounty match you play.

Collect Gold Coins in a Single Match

This challenge will require you to get 20 Gold Coins in a single game. Again, you’ll have to collect Gold Coins as you play through Wick’s Bounty, but you’ll need to get 20 in the same match. It isn’t a cumulative challenge like the above coin one is, so give it your best shot, and try to earn and keep those tokens.

Deal damage with the Combat Shotgun

It wouldn’t be a Fortnite LTM event without weapon challenges. This one will need you to deal 500 damage with the Combat Shotgun. We expect this to be cumulative again but, if you can do all that damage in a single game, you’ll be golden. For more information on the Combat Shotgun’s stats, you can read our guide here.

Dead damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle

And another one for good measure. You’ll have to deal 500 damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle to tick this off your list. For everything worth knowing about this new weapon, head to this guide.

Fortnite x John Wick | Skin set and cosmetics

Fortnite x John Wick

The Fortnite x John Wick event brings its own skin set to the game. We found out that this set is called the “Assassin set” during last week’s leaks, but we know more about it now that it’s available to buy.

The John Wick outfit, which is basically his look from the movies, will cost you 2,000 V-Bucks in the Fortnite shop. Players can dress up as the titular character, with his all-black suit and gray tie, to really look the part. It comes with its own back bling called the Assassin Pack. It’s also a Legendary skin too, so it’s worth the investment.

Other cosmetics you can purchase in the shop are the Simple Sledge melee weapon for 500 V-Bucks, the Assassin wrap for 300 V-Bucks, and two emotes — Be Seeing You and Bulletproof — which cost 200 V-Bucks each. If you don’t want to stump up the money for the wrap especially though, there may be another way to get it. Find out how below.

Fortnite x John Wick | Challenge rewards

Fortnite x John Wick

There are rewards for you to earn during the Fortnite x John Wick event. You have five days to complete as many of the above challenges as you can. You’ll miss out on any gifts that you haven’t received once this LTM ends on Tuesday, so hop to it.

Your reward for completing the “Win a match of Wick’s Bounty” is the “One Shot” glider. It’s basically a black umbrella, but it’s part of the John Wick skin set. You’ll look dashing with it equipped, we promise you. Playing five matches of Wick’s Bounty will nab you the Boogeyman wrap too. As you might have guessed, this is just a jet black wrap but it goes well with John Wick’s suit.

The other four challenges will give you 500 XP each so, providing you complete this quartet, you’ll bag yourself a not-too-shabby 2,000 XP. Not bad going in our opinion.

Finally, if you complete any five of the six challenges listed above, you’ll be given a legendary item. That’s right, you’ll have earned yourself the lovely looking Gold Coin back bling. Its description reads “Out of unity comes strength”, so you’ll look cool with it on.

Fortnite x John Wick | John Wick’s house in Paradise Palms

fortnite x john wock

You might have noticed that there’s already something on the map that precedes the Fortnite x John Wick event arriving in-game too. If you’ve floated on over to Paradise Palms, you may have seen a new building and wondered what it is.

It turns out that the new plush looking pad is John Wick’s house from the movie franchise. You’ll find it East of Paradise Palms and, judging by our image above, it’s an exact replica of his home from the films.

It’s almost certain that his house won’t play a part in any of the above LTM stuff, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless. If you managed to win your match in Wick’s Bounty over that way, it would seem like it was meant to be though.