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Fortnite New Pump | New Combat Shotgun stats guide

The Fortnite new pump has entered the game, giving fans of close-quarters combat something to hunt for, following the vaulting of the other shotguns that were in the game pre-Season 9. Replacing the shotguns of old is the Fortnite Combat Shotgun. On the surface, it looks like your regular old Pump Shotgun, but when using it in battle, it is pretty unique. Here’s what you need to know about the new Combat Shotgun stats, including damage output, headshot multiplier, and the different rarities.

Fortnite New Pump | Combat Shotgun stats, damage, rarity

With the 9.00 update bringing a huge number of changes to the game, including major alterations to fan-favorite locations like Tilted Towers (now Neo Tilted) and Retail Row (now Mega Mall), it’s understandable why the introduction of the new pump shotgun in Fortnite may have gone unnoticed.

Once you’ve gotten over the new map changes, however, it’s worth taking time to master the new pump shotgun, as it can be fantastic in close-quarters combat.

The Fortnite Combat Shotgun is semi-automatic, meaning it can be repeatedly fired without needing to “pump.” Being able to fire more shots more quickly is more forgiving, allowing players to rapidly follow up on an inaccurate shot.

Holding 10 shells and firing nine pellets per shot, the Fortnite Combat Shotgun enables players to dish a lot of damage before reloading. Base damage equals 73/77/81 for Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants respectively. Get a headshot and you’ll enjoy a 1.7x multiplier.

Upon finally needing to reload, the new pump shotgun reloads two shells at a time, meaning five animation cycles from completely empty to totally full.

The new Fortnite Combat Shotgun is available in floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.

If the new Fortnite pump doesn’t interest you, you could always try the Tactical Shotgun, which has had its base damage buffed from 66/70/74 to 71/75/79.