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Fortnite Land on Blimps | Can you land on Neo blimps?

Fortnite land on blimps maneuver could be the ultimate tactic for earning a cheeky Victory Royale. This is assuming the blimp stays within the circle and no one shoots you down! Of course, we first need to know whether it’s possible to actually land on a blimp, or do you fall straight through? Thankfully, we have the answer. Can you land on blimps in Fortnite? Here’s what you need to know!

Can you land on a blimp in Fortnite?

Fortnite Land on Blimps

The new Fortnite blimps come courtesy of the Season 9 map changes, which were implemented with the 2.20 (9.00) update. While Neo Tilted and Mega Mall might be some of the more exciting Season 9 changes, the blimps floating around the island also deserve some attention, I reckon!

Helping to carry the new futuristic theme across the entire map, the Fortnite Neo blimps are eye-catching and bright, which could lead to players asking: “Can you land on blimps in Fortnite?”

To figure out if one can land on a blimp in Fortnite, one must first try. The Battle Bus rises high above the island, allowing players to accurately fall towards any blimp of their choosing. Unfortunately, as they make their final approach and expect feet to meet smooth, blimp-ish material, the blimp actually fights back, forcing the player away from the blimp entirely.

Unfortunately, the answer to “Can you land on blimps in Fortnite?” is a confirmed “No.” Clearly, Epic Games doesn’t want players messing around with blimps.

I can understand why Fortnite land on blimps has been prevented, as players flying high into the sky could use the floating balloons as camping spots. This would slow down gameplay and make things dull.

If Fortnite blimps become available to land on in the future, through a future update, we’ll be sure to let you know!