Tetris 99 1.3.0 Update Patch Notes | What’s new?

The Tetris 99 1.3.0 update has gone live in the Nintendo Switch puzzle battle royale title. If you want to find out what’s new in the Tetris 99 1.30 update patch notes today, May 10, including what bugs have been fixed, we’re here to help. Read our Tetris 99 1.3.0 update guide for more.

Tetris 99 1.3.0 Update

Tetris 99 1.3.0 Update

Added content

Kicking things off in Tetris 99 1.3.0 update is the arrival of additional paid DLC. The CPU Battle Mode and Marathon Mode have been patched into the game to provide new ways of playing the hit title.

CPU Battle Mode allows you to play offline against 98 CPU players and determine if you have the beating of your Nintendo Switch. Marathon Mode, meanwhile, is more akin to your traditional Tetris games. It allows you to play offline too and challenges you to clear the most lines and score big while playing.


The Tetris 99 1.3.0 update also brings some changes to functionality in the game. You can now access the records of your past 10 matches to find out how well, or how badly, you’ve been doing recently.

You can also change the theme that you want the game to display while you play, as well as your player icon. This will give you much greater control on how you want the title to look so it’s personal to you. Finally, you can obtain distributed themes if you want to further personalize your own gaming experience.

General fixes

Finally, the Tetris 99 1.3.0 update addresses a number of fixes that enable you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience. The patches don’t specify what these changes are, but it’s almost certain that they are under the hood tweaks that allow Tetris 99 to function better than before.

As always, to install this newest update you’ll need to quit the game and turn off your Nintendo Switch. After 10 seconds or so, turn it back on and re-launch the game. The update will download and install automatically.

Tetris 99 1.3.0 Update Patch Notes

Tetris 99 1.3.0 Update

  • Functionality
    • Players can now obtain distributed themes.
    • Players can now change themes and player icons.
    • Players can now view records of their most recent ten matches.
  • Added Content
    • CPU Battle Mode and Marathon Mode paid DLC has been added.
  • General
    • Various issues have been addressed to ensure a comfortable play experience.