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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi PS3 Cheats


How To Get High Stats

This only works with the first great ape. First beat the ape and after beating it wait until it saves the game. After your on the capsule shooting screen, quit the game and start it back up. Then go to status and look at your stats. You should have your new stats and the ape is still there. Repeat as many times as you want. the points add up really quick.(Works best with standard character.)

Unlockable Characters

Do the following to Unlock wanted character.

Bardock - Clear the Bardock vs Frieza fight in Story Mode

Broly - Clear his scenario in Story Mode

Captain Ginyu (Goku's body) - Beat Captain Ginyu (Goku's body) in story mode

Cell - Defeat him with SSJ2 Gohan in story mode

Cell (2nd form) - Defeat him with Super Vegeta in Story Mode

Cell (Perfect Form) - Defeat him with Super Vegeta in Story Mode

Final Form Frieza (100%) - Defeat Frieza as Super Saiyan Goku

Frieza (Final Form) - Finish Frieza off with a Spirit Bomb as Goku

Frieza (Form 1, 2, 3) - Defeat Frieza with Vegeta, Piccolo, and Kid Gohan

Goku (Super Saiyan 3) - Defeat Majin Buu with him in Story Mode

Jeice and Burter - Defeat them as Goku

Majin Vegeta - Defeat Goku with him in Story Mode

Omega Shenron - Beat him in Story Mode

Raditz - Defeat Raditz with Goku & Piccolo in Story Mode

Super Janemba - Defeat Super Janemba with Super Gogeta in Story Mode

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta - Beat Omega Shenron in Story Mode

Super Vegito - Defeat Super Buu with Super Vegito in Story Mode

Teen Gohan (Super Saiyan 2) - Defeat Perfect Cell using him in Story Mode

Trunks - Beat Goku in Story Mode as Trunks at the start of the Android Saga

Abyss Impact - Complete #18's Sparring 3

Android Charge 14 - Complete #17's Sparring 6

Arm Break - Complete Nappa's Sparring 6

Broly Type - Complete Broly's Sparring 13

Brutal Destruction - Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 8

Burning Shoot - Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 5

Cell Type - Complete Cell's Sparring 10

Darkness Sword Attack - Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 7

Dimension Sword Attack - Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 13

Dore terrible Flash - Complete Cui's Sparring 8

Double Eraser Cannon - Complete Broly's Sparring 5

Eraser Cannon - Complete Raditz's Sparring 3

Eraser Shot Volley - Complete Bardock's Sparring 6

Evil Warrior Aura Green - Complete Cui's Sparring 8

Eye Beam - Complete #16's Sparring 2

Full Power Frieza Aura - Complete Frieza's Sparring 4

Full Power SS Deadly Bomber - Complete #18's Sparring 6

Galactic Blow - Complete Goku's Sparring 8

Galactic Tyrant - Complete Vegeta's Sparring 8

Gold Flame Aura - Complete Trunks' Sparring 4

Grand Smasher - Complete Broly's Sparring 13

Grease Lightning - Complete Broly's Sparring 3

Green Flame Aura - Complete Tien's Sparring 6

Health+2 - Complete Ginyu's Sparring 6

Health+3 - Complete #16's Sparring 6

Health+7 - Complete Trunks' Sparring 2

Hyper Tornado - Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 3

Iron Wall - Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 10

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Aura - Complete Broly's Sparring 8

Lightning Shower Rain - Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 5

Lightning Speed - Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 10

Machine Impact - Complete #16's Sparring 4

Majin Buu Aura - Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 8

Majin Vegeta Aura - Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 5

Melee Attack+1 - Complete #16's Sparring 1

Melee Attack+10 - Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 10

Melee Attack+2 - Complete #17's Sparring 1

Melee Attack+5 - Complete Piccolo's Sparring 1

Melee Attack+6 - Complete Goku's Sparring 2

Melee Attack+7 - Complete Frieza's Sparring 2

Melee Attack+9 - Complete Cell's Sparring 10

Mystic Crasher - Complete Piccolo's Sparring 6

Nappa Cannon - Complete Nappa's Sparring 8

Nappa Type - Complete Nappa's Sparring 8

New Android Aura - Complete #18's Sparring 3

Omega Shenron Aura - Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 13

Perfect Combination - Complete Cell's Sparring 5

Please Leave - Complete Piccolo's Sparring 3

Protection - Complete Broly's Sparring 13

Pure Blood Saiyan Aura - Complete Bardock's Sparring 3

Purple Flame Aura - Complete Ginyu's Sparring 3

Resilient Body - Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 8

Revenger Cannon - Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 13

Robo -type Android Aura - Complete #16's Sparring 3

Self Destruct Device - Complete #16's Sparring 6

Solar Kamehameha - Complete Cell's Sparring 7

Sturm und Drang - Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 3

Super Attack+4 - Complete Bardock's Sparring 1

Super Attack+8 - Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 2

Super Saiyan 2 Aura - Complete Vegeta's Sparring 4

Super Saiyan 3 Aura - Complete Goku's Sparring 4

Thruster Kick - Complete Cui's Sparring 6

Thunder Flash - Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 7

Tough - Complete Raditz's Sparring 6

Trap Shooter - Complete Trunks' Sparring 8

Ultimate Blow - Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 5

Volcano Eruption - Complete Nappa's Sparring 4

Yellow Flame Aura - Complete #17's Sparring 3

You Are Stronger Than I Expected - Complete Frieza's Sparring 8

Easter Egg

Vegito clothes

Pick goku's clothes or something like that just put a the outer part Blue and the inner orange then the belt make it the same color so that its doesn't look like a belt but no earings but something ls something right.


All 7 Are Here! (Bronze) - Do a Chase Battle in Story Mode for the first time

Battle Rookie (Bronze) - Fight in an Online Battle 1 time

Battle Veteran (Bronze) - Fight in an Online Battle 30 times

Becoming Fashion Aware (Bronze) - Obtain a Hero costume for the first time

Beginning of a Fantastic Tale (Bronze) - Win 1 Event Battle in Story Mode

Cell Games Champion (Bronze) - Win the Cell Games.

Cell Games True Champion (Silver) - Champion of Cell Games on Hard Difficulty.

Counter Hero (Bronze) - Perform Defense Reaction-Intercept 100 times total in real battle.

Defense Learner (Bronze) - Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 10 times total in real battle.

Defense Professional (Bronze) - Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 100 times total in real battle.

Don't Forget the Basics (Bronze) - Complete Tutorial until the end.

Evasion Fiend (Bronze) - Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 100 times total in real battle.

Evasion Learner (Bronze) - Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 10 times total in real battle.

Expert (Bronze) - Successfully perform Clashes 20 times total in real battle.

Fight Seeker (Bronze) - Win 50 times in a 1P vs. 'Very Strong' CPU battle.

Goodbye, Dragon World (Silver) - Clear Story Mode for the first time

Great Air Battle! (Bronze) - Do a Sky Chase in Story Mode for the first time

Growing in Power (Bronze) - Obtain 500 Hero AP

How Do I Look? (Bronze) - Obtain a Hero hairstyle for the first time

I Changed the World! (Gold) - Clear Hero Mode for the first time

I See Right Through You! (Bronze) - Successfully perform Clashes 100 times total in real battle.

I Still Want To Fight (Bronze) - Win 5 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.

I Want to Fight Someone Strong! (Bronze) - Win 30 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.

I'm Going to Change the World! (Bronze) - Win 1 Event Battle in Hero Mode

Interception Learner (Bronze) - Perform Defense Reaction-Intercept 10 times total in real battle.

Limit Breaker (Silver) - Obtain 20000 Hero AP

Master of Moves (Bronze) - Perform 50 Ultimate Attacks total in real battle.

Master! Please Teach Me! (Bronze) - Obtain a Hero Master for the first time

Monster on a Full Moon (Bronze) - Clear a Giant Boss Battle in Story Mode for the first time.

Moves On Parade (Bronze) - Perform 50 Super Attacks total in real battle.

OVER 9000!!!! (Platinum) - Obtain all the trophies.

Point Getter (Bronze) - Obtain 1000 Hero AP

Regular Battle Customer (Bronze) - Fight in an Online Battle 10 times

Skill Master (Silver) - Collect 20 Skills

Super Attack Collector (Silver) - Collect 30 Super Attacks

Tapping into Latent Power (Bronze) - Collect 10 Skills

The Actors are All in Play! (Silver) - Unlock all characters and forms.

The Martial Artist's Path (Bronze) - Obtain a Hero Fight Style for the first time

Title Holder (Bronze) - Collect 5 or more titles.

Title King (Silver) - Collect 30 or more titles.

Training All Over Again (Bronze) - Do Training for the first time.

W.Tournament True Champion (Silver) - Champion of World Tournament on Hard Difficulty.

Which One Shall I Choose? (Bronze) - Collect 10 Super Attacks

World Domination! (Bronze) - Fight on all maps.

World Tournament Champion (Bronze) - Win the World Tournament.

Your Real Training Starts Here (Bronze) - Clear Hero Mode training for the first time