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Rage 2 How to heal and increase total health

Health in Rage 2 works a little different than most FPS games. You can’t heal by just sitting still and not taking damage for a bit. Instead, there are several ways you can recover in Rage 2, but they’re all more active processes than most FPS fans are used to.

Below we’ll show you how to heal in Rage 2. We’ll also tell you what you need to do to increase your max health.

How to heal in Rage 2

Healing in Rage 2 works a lot like it does in Doom, but with some nuances. You don’t automatically regenerate health by just standing still. Instead, you have to be a bit more proactive and seek out resources to restore your health.

The primary way you’ll heal in Rage 2 is by collecting Feltrite. When you collect the shards of this blue mineral, it will gradually restore your health. You can pick Feltrite up by either walking over it or using your focus ability to vacuum it up.

Sometimes Feltrite just doesn’t heal you fast enough, though. If you’re getting really low on health, you’ll see a prompt on screen to use a Health Infusion. Health Infusions regenerate your health for four seconds and can give you the boost you need to keep fighting.

You will also gain health while in Overdrive. This means it can sometimes be useful to hold onto a charged Overdrive until you’ve lost at least a bit of health. That way you get the benefit of the extra damage, and you get a free heal.

How to increase your max health in Rage 2

Rage 2 Increase Health Defibrulator Location

Increasing your max health in Rage 2 isn’t a straightforward process. Instead of merely increasing your life bar, you have to instead dedicate time to improving your perks.

Certain perks, called Nanotrites in Rage 2, can help decrease the amount of damage you take or give you a second chance at life if you die. Unlocking levels in Constitution, for example, will reduce the amount of damage enemy bullets do to you.

You can also gain the ability to auto-revive yourself when your health is depleted by unlocking the Defibrillation Nanotrite. When dying, this ability will allow you to play a small mini-game to restart your heart. If you complete it successfully, you’ll come back to life with a bit of health.

You can find the Defibrillation Nanotrite in the Canyon Cove Ark. It’s one of the most useful abilities in Rage 2, and invaluable if you find yourself dying often.