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Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap | Level-Up Packs, Party-Up System explained

Following the move over to Epic Games, Rocket League developers Psyonix has assured us all that new content is coming to the game this summer thanks to the Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap. Read on to get the full low-down on Rocket League Level-Up Packs, the Rocket League Part-Up System, and more. It’s set to be another bumper summer for everyone’s favorite soccar game.

Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap | Level-Up Packs

Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap

Rocket League is set to receive a brand-new item: The XP Level-Up Pack. The XP Level-Up Pack is being introduced to help players spend all of their accrued event currency. Indeed, the XP Level-Up Pack is coming to Rocket League as part of its next scheduled in-game event.

According to the official Rocket League Summer 2019 roadmap, the next in-game event will begin in June. This will supposedly be the biggest in-game event to ever hit Rocket League. We should be able to buy more items than ever in the event store, including the XP Level-Up Pack.

The Rocket League XP Level-Up Pack is a brand-new item that will help you to spend all of your accrued event currency (as mentioned above). Buying one will grant you ten Tier Points for your Rocket Pass. This means, essentially, that buying a Level-Up Pack will level your Rocket Pass up by one Tier. Unfortunately, it is currently unknown how much event currency the XP Level-Up Packs will cost. All we know is that the exciting new item is on the way alongside the next in-game event this June.

Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap | Party-Up System

Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap

One of the main new features coming to Rocket League “later this year” is the Party-Up System. Essentially, this should make life a lot easier for you if you wish to create a party with strangers with whom you shared a good match or two. After every match, in the post-game screen, you will easily be able to team up with those you just played with.

Unfortunately, all we have on a release date for this new function is “later this year.” This could mean as soon as July or August 2019, but it could also suggest a later date of September onwards. Hopefully, the neat-sounding feature is added into Rocket League sooner rather than later.

Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap | Inventory management, trading updates, and more

Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap

Alongside the supposedly biggest in-game event ever, Level-Up Packs, and Party-Up function, there is even more scheduled for Rocket League this year. A future update, for example, will add in new inventory management tools. This should hopefully make your experience smoother and more organized.

A “long-term” goal for the Rocket League team is to improve the trading system, too. Expect to see quality of life alterations in this area by the end of 2019 and into 2020.

On top of everything else, the Rocket League Season 7 World Championship is taking place on June 21, 2019. Remember that Competitive Season 11 is right around the corner, too. Stay tuned for updates on all the new features and the big in-game event on the way to Rocket League this summer and beyond.