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Rage 2 Microtransactions | Are there microtransactions in Rage 2?

With the games-as-service model becoming popularized by major studios like EA and Activision, it seems that a lot of recent developers have tried to adopt that model, filling their game with loads of microtransactions. While microtransactions tend to leave a bad taste in peoples’ mouths, most people aren’t too bothered as long as the system is not abused. With Rage 2 just a day away from release, fans are beginning to wonder if there are microtransactions in Rage 2. If so, are Rage 2 microtransactions good or bad? Let’s find out!

Rage 2 Microtransactions | Are there microtransactions in Rage 2?

In 2019, most games have microtransactions in some form or fashion, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Rage 2 has microtransactions. The main question is, does Rage 2 offer pay-to-win microtransactions? Thankfully, the answer is no. While Rage 2 does offer microtransactions to players who have extra money to spend, these does not make it a play to win game.

Rage 2 Microtransactions

So, if the Rage 2 microtransactions aren’t pay-to-win, what are they? The game allows players to purchase Rage Coins with real money which can be used to buy weapons and cars. Those items can then be picked up during the campaign. The items that are purchased with Rage Coins are not exclusive to the Store, meaning that they can be found in the game if you decide not to purchase them. So really, you’re just paying to get easier access to various items. Rage 2 microtransactions are not offering any type of exclusive items to players who are willing to fork over extra cash.

Additionally, there are no loot boxes in Rage 2. While speaking with GameStar, id Software studio director Tim Willits confirmed that Rage 2 would not have any lootboxes, saying “We have this novel approach: You buy the game and then you play it.” These words of affirmation were comforting for fans, who trusted Willits and his team to be responsible with whatever kind of Rage 2 microtransactions end up being in the final game. So far, it seems they have followed through with their promise.