Box art - Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 PC Cheats

Multiplayer Vehicle Upgrades

The following is the XP/Score amount needed to unlock the upgrades for each vehicle


IR Smoke: 800 MBT Score

Coaxial LMG: 2,100 MBT Score

Autoloader: 4,400 MBT Score

Zoom Optics: 7,600 MBT Score

Maintenance: 12,000 MBT Score

Coaxial HMG: 17,700 MBT Score

Proximity Scan: 24,700 MBT Score

Guided Shell: 33,200 MBT Score

Thermal Optics: 43,200 MBT Score

Thermal Camo: 54,800 MBT Score

Canister Shell: 68,100 MBT Score

Reactive Armor: 83,200 MBT Score

CITV Station: 100,000 MBT Score


IR Smoke: 800 IFV Score

ATGM Launcher: 2,300 IFV Score

Belt Speed: 4,700 IFV Score

Coaxial LMG: 8,300 IFV Score

Thermal Optics: 13,100 IFV Score

Proximity Scan: 19,200 IFV Score

Zoom Optics: 26,900 IFV Score

Maintenance: 36,000 IFV Score

APFSDS-T Shell: 47,000 IFV Score

Thermal Camo: 60,000 IFV Score

Guided Missile: 74,000 IFV Score

Reactive Armor: 90,000 IFV Score

Mobile AA:

IR Smoke: 400 Mobile AA Score

Anti-Air Missile: 1,200 Mobile AA Score

Belt Speed: 2,500 Mobile AA Score

Zoom Optics: 4,400 Mobile AA Score

Proximity Scan: 7,000 Mobile AA Score

Thermal Optics: 10,000 Mobile AA Score

Air Radar: 14,000 Mobile AA Score

Maintenance: 19,000 Mobile AA Score

Thermal Camo: 25,000 Mobile AA Score

Reactive Armor: 32,000 Mobile AA Score

Attack Helicopters:

IR Flares: 300 Attack Helicopter Score

Heat Seekers: 800 Attack Helicopter Score

Stealth: 1,600 Attack Helicopter Score

Autoloader: 2,800 Attack Helicopter Score

Zoom Optics: 4,400 Attack Helicopter Score

Proximity Scan: 6,500 Attack Helicopter Score

Air Radar: 9,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Guided Missile: 12,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Extinguisher: 16,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Maintenance: 20,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Thermal Optics: 25,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Laser Painter: 30,500 Attack Helicopter Score

Below Radar: 37,000 Attack Helicopter Score

ECM Jammer: 44,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Guided Rocket: 51,000 Attack Helicopter Score

TV Missile: 60,000 Attack Helicopter Score

Scout Helicopters:

IR Flares: 400 Scout Helicopter Score

Heat Seekers: 1,200 Scout Helicopter Score

Stealth: 2,500 Scout Helicopter Score

Belt Speed: 4,400 Scout Helicopter Score

Proximity Scan: 7,000 Scout Helicopter Score

Air Radar: 10,000 Scout Helicopter Score

Extinguisher: 14,000 Scout Helicopter Score

Maintenance: 19,000 Scout Helicopter Score

Guided Missile: 25,000 Scout Helicopter Score

Below Radar: 32,000 Scout Helicopter Score

Laser Painter: 40,000 Scout Helicopter Score

ECM Jammer: 48,000 Scout Helicopter Score


IR Flares: 300 Jets Score

Heat Seekers: 700 Jets Score

Stealth: 1,500 Jets Score

Belt Speed: 2,700 Jets Score

Proximity Scan: 4,200 Jets Score

Rocket Pods: 6,200 Jets Score

Air Radar: 8,600 Jets Score

Extinguisher: 11,600 Jets Score

Below Radar: 15,000 Jets Score

Maintenance: 19,000 Jets Score

Guided Missile: 24,000 Jets Score

Beam Scanning: 29,000 Jets Score

ECM Jammer: 35,000 Jets Score

Secret - Easy Co-Op experience

Unlock the final mission, Eleventh Hour, in Co-Op mode. Play the mission on the Easy difficulty. Reach the area where you must disarm the bomb, but fail to disarm it, and you will fail the mission. You will still get approximately 5,000 XP for the mission, even though you failed. It is possible to get approximately 5,000 XP every 2-3 minutes with this trick.

Unlockable - Co-Op unlockables

Get the indicated number of points in Co-Op mode to unlock the corresponding weapon in Multiplayer mode:

MP412 REX Pistol - 63,000 points

KH2002 Assault Rifle - 126,000 points

MP7 PDW - 189,000 points

M39 EMR - 252,000 points

93R Pistol - 315,000 points

SG553 Carbine - 378,000 points

G3A3 - 441,000 points