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Rage 2 Unlock Guns for Your Vehicle | How to get new vehicle weapons

You’ll find the weapons for your first vehicle in Rage 2 are somewhat lacking. You’ll want to upgrade the weak gatling guns ASAP so you can take out tougher enemies, but how exactly do you do it? We’ll show you how to get new vehicle weapons in Rage 2 below.

How to get new vehicle weapons in Rage 2

Just like your weapons and Nanotrite abilities, your vehicles in Rage 2 can be upgraded with new weapons and capabilities. When you get the Phoenix, the first car in the game, it won’t be the toughest ride in the wastelands. When you unlock it soon after the start of the game, you’ll only have a pair of gatling guns to defend yourself with. These are decent for dealing with light vehicles and grunts, but pretty much anything else outguns you.

To get new weapons for your vehicle in Rage 2 you’ll need to access the vehicle upgrade screen. You can find the upgrade screen under the vehicle tab in your menu. Not all vehicles can be upgraded. However, some, like the Phoenix, have a plethora of new weapons and equipment that can be added to them.

Rage 2 Vehicle Weapons Auto Parts

The main currency for vehicle weapon upgrades in Rage 2 are auto parts. You can find auto parts at mechanics shops (where they’ll cost cash), Ark Chests, races, and by raiding convoys.

Rage 2 Vehicle Weapons Phoenix

Each upgrade for you vehicle takes a certain amount of auto parts. Since the Phoenix is more than likely the first car you’ll upgrade, we’ll use it as an example. The Phoenix has several weapons upgrades:

  • Cruise Missile
  • 20MM Cannons
  • Hellfire Mortar

All three of those weapons can be equipped at the same time, in addition to the gatling guns that are unlocked by default. The cheapest weapon to unlock is the Cruise Missile, which only takes 10 auto parts. However, both the 20MM Cannons and Hellfire Mortar require 30 auto parts to enable their use.

Which weapons you unlock for your vehicle in Rage 2 really depends on your playstyle. You can always manually save before unlocking one to make sure it’s right for you.