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Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations | How to get cheat codes

Rage 2 is out now, and it’s a tremendously fun open-world shooter, although if you don’t have the right gear it can be a tough experience. Then again, maybe you do have the right gear, or have maybe even finished the game, and you want to invigorate your experience. Here is where cheat codes come in. Almost like a throwback to the ’90s and classic FPSs like GoldenEye, there’s a range of cheat codes you can activate to change the Rage 2 experience. To do this, though, you’ll first need the Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard locations.

The Wasteland Wizard is a roving trader in Rage 2, and he’s the way you get access to cheats in the game, apart from the few you get as a Deluxe Edition bonus. But who is the Wasteland Wizard? Where can he be found in the game? What cheats are available to buy, and what do they do? And can he always be found in the same location? We’ve got the answers to all these questions.

Who is the Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard?

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 01

The Wasteland Wizard’s real name is Mangoo the Unborn, and he’s a talking mutant in a wizard’s hat who travels around the Wasteland in a balloon. His store sells the game’s cheat codes, and he’s the only way you can get them in Rage 2, especially if you don’t have the Deluxe Edition of the game. He’s quite polite for a mutant. Be warned though, he’s quite annoying in that he travels around the Wasteland, but not while you’re watching. You can’t shoot him down from the sky like Mutant Bash TV balloons, or hail him like the Roving Trader. You’ve got to find him yourself…

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard locations | All places to find Mangoo the Unborn

Mangoo the Unborn is probably the most annoying trader in the Wasteland because not only does he not stay in one spot, he’s not easy to find either. He doesn’t appear on the main Rage 2 map until you’re right on top of his hut, at which point you’ll see a wizard’s hat appear on the compass, and probably on-screen too. Mangoo can’t be found in any of the game’s towns, he’s not traveling around like the Roving Trader, and there’s no way to boost his appearances.

Other than that, the only way to find this Wasteland Wizard is to either get lucky and run into him, or to know exactly where he can turn up. There are multiple places Mangoo the Unborn’s cheat codes store can be found, but unless you’re fortunate you’ll have to travel around between these places until you find the one he’s planted his balloon basket at. At this moment in time we know of five potential locations where the Wasteland Wizard’s store has appeared around the map, so you’ll have to scoot between them all using a mix of fast travel and the Icarus flying vehicle to get to him.

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 02

The first location for Mangoo the Unborn is in the Sekreto Wetlands, very close to the eastern edge of the region as it borders the Broken Tract region. If his store is here, it can be found directly north-east of the Squelch Bandit Den (the pink circle). His landing spot is in a clearing by some trees and the road, and is literally across the river from the bandit’s base, so be careful not to fly or get too close, otherwise you’ll have a firefight on your hands. We don’t know if anything scares Mangoo away, but that would be a pain if he leaves while you’re fighting.

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 03

The second location for the Wasteland Wizard is still in the Sekreto Wetlands, so is easy to check out if you didn’t find Mangoo at the previous location (you can see the Squelch Bandit Den on the far right in the picture above). This time Mangoo’s store is on the very western edge of the Rage 2 map, and in the picture above it’s located on the white marker point. This is to the north-west of the Dweller Mutie Nest and directly west of the fallen ranger, Canned Heat Ranger Echo. He’s easy to spot.

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 04

Heading east into the Broken Tract region now, and the Wasteland Wizard’s store has been reported near the winding roads in the hills in the center of the Rage 2 map. He stops just to the north-west of The Edge Bandit Den, which is occupied by the Goon Squad. You don’t have to get too close to them however, and if the store is around you should see the balloons easily.

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 05

Sadly the final two locations are quite a bit farther away, and are a fair distance apart from each other too. The next is at the almost complete easternmost point of the map, also in the Broken Tract region. The location is just off the road to the Eden Space Center, north of the center in fact, which is a major location in the game’s story, and you’ll have to go there as part of Dr Kvasir’s mission line. We suggest doing that entire quest before going searching for cheats, otherwise you may get distracted.

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 06

The final location we know of for the Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard store to settle down at is far to the north-eastern corner of the map, in the overgrown and ruined The Wilds region. The store will settle down on a little island just north of the road. This is directly north of a bandit camp, directly east of the town of Dreadwood, and right below another Ranger Echo point (not on the map above, but it’s there). We’ll let you know if we find more.

What cheats does the Wasteland Wizard sell?

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations 07

Here are all the cheats we currently know about that Mangoo sells. The catch is that he doesn’t sell them all at once, and Bethesda will apparently be adding more to the game on a rotating basis, so we’ll have to keep checking back in on him to see if he updates his wares. Bear in mind that using any of these cheats, apart from the commentators, will permanently disable achievements/trophies on that playthrough.

  • Git Gud: All enemies go down in one hit. Probably the worst possible cheat, but one to use if you’re struggling to progress.
  • He’s on Fire: Enables Tim Kitzrow, otherwise known as the NBA Jam commentator, who will comment on your actions.
  • Red Barrel Rain: Drops a cluster of explosive red barrels right in front of you.
  • Diamond Geezer: Enables Danny Dyer as a commentator. Yes, that’s a thing.
  • Son of Thor: Get charged up with lightning, which you can send out and strike your enemies. Sounds fun.
  • Super Phoenix: Overcharges the Phoenix vehicle so it makes it even more powerful. Gives infinite ammo with no overheating, infinite boosts, and cannot be damaged. Nice.
  • Super Wingstick: The Wingstick now has unlimited redirects, and will track enemies on its own.
  • Super Overdrive: Boosts the power of your Overdrive ability. As if it wasn’t powerful enough.
  • Progress Booster: Doubles all Feltrite collected for four hours. You have to use it as a consumable, although you can take it whenever you want. It’s the cheapest cheat at $500, but it only has a one-off use.
  • Klegg Support: Summons the game’s only companion AI NPC, Klegg Clayton. Yes, he’s still a douche.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: You can upgrade the Phoenix with an ejector seat that shoots you out for quick exiting, right? The Rejector Seat does the opposite: you stay in the same place, and the Phoenix shoots off into the air. That’s Rage 2, folks.