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Final Fantasy 7 1.01 Update Patch Notes | Xbox One and Switch

The Final Fantasy 7 1.01 update patch notes have been published by developer Square Enix. The new Final Fantasy 7 update targets the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. It’s now available to download on both of these platforms. (There isn’t yet a patch release date confirmed for PS4, unfortunately.) The most significant change that the new update today implements is a fix to the game’s background music. Here’s what you need to know about the Final Fantasy 7 1.01 patch.

Final Fantasy 7 1.01 Update Patch Notes

Final Fantasy 7 1.01 Update Patch Notes

Posting to the game’s official Twitter account, developer Square Enix revealed that the 1.01 update that is currently rolling out to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch devices, has one significant change. This change is a fix to the game’s background music, which would previously restart after the end of each battle. Fortunately for those who were driven mad by the constantly resetting music, patch 1.01 eradicates the issue.

The new Final Fantasy 7 update also targets “other minor bugs,” though specific details haven’t been shared.

As mentioned in the intro, there isn’t yet word on a Final Fantasy 7 PS4 patch, so those on PlayStation will unfortunately not see a new update available to download. (Note that the “1.01” patch on PS4 was rolled out many years ago, and targeted a completely different issue to do with the game freezing.)

It’s also not clear if Square Enix will be attempting to fix the music in all past games. The music in Final Fantasy 9 is especially annoying when being forced to repeat, so it would be great to see a fix there.

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