SCARYGIRL Xbox360 Cheats

Unlockable - Achievements

Avalanche! (15) - Survive Momma Yeti's cave-in.

Chihoohoo's Test (15) - Prove your worth to Chihoohoo in a rumble with his guards.

City Enforcer (15) - Force your way through Warmachine to get into Bad City.

Dr. Maybee's Ultimatum (15) - Make the tough choice when confronted by Dr. Maybee.

Dreamer (10) - Complete a Dojo training session.

Heart of Gold (15) - Collect a full heart container.

Hoarder (30) - Purchase all the shop items.

Luminescent Danger (15) - Triumph over the dangers deep beneath the sea.

Novice Collector (10) - Purchase a store item.

Unleash the Guru (10) - Start a Co-op game.

Up, Up and Away (10) - Catch an Umbrella Seed to the Old Man Mountains.

Winning (40) - Achieve a perfect status on every level.