Box art - Mega Man X

Mega Man X iPhone Cheats

Secret - Weapon quick select

Hold your finger on the top half of the screen and a weapon quick select appears along the top of the screen. You can charge the buster then switch to a special weapon with this to avoid wasting the special weapon's energy with the shot fired when you start charging.

Unlockable - Achievements

Complete list of Game Center Achievements.

100-Yard Dash! (15 pts) - Obtain Leg parts.

2 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 2 Health Boost hearts.

3 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 3 Health Boost hearts.

4 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 4 Health Boost hearts.

5 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 5 Health Boost hearts.

6 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 6 Health Boost hearts.

7 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 7 Health Boost hearts.

8 of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 8 Health Boost hearts.

Ace of Hearts (15pts) - Obtain 1 Health Boost heart.

Bubbly Bat (20 pts) - Defeat a Batton M-501.

Captain of the Seas (15 pts) - Defeat Launch Octopus using his greatest weakness.

Carnivorous Tank (15 pts) - Defeat D-Rex using his greatest weakness.

Daring Collector (20 pts) - Pick up the items on top of the spikes in Sigma's Palace, Pt. 3.

Dawn of Destiny (15 pts) - Defeat Sigma's second form using his greatest weakness.

Demon of Dimensions (15 pts) - Defeat Boomer Kuwanger using his greatest weakness.

Emperor of Ice (15 pts) - Defeat Chill Penguin using his greatest weakness.

End of an Era (15 pts) - Defeat Sigma using his greatest weakness.

Energy Mine Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Armored Armadillo's stage.

Flashy Firefly (20 pts) - Defeat a Hotarion.

Forest Base Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Sting Chameleon's stage.

Fortress Tower Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Boomer Kuwanger's stage.

General of Steel (15 pts) - Defeat Armored Armadillo using his greatest weakness.

Hadoken! (20 pts) - Obtain the ability to perform Hadokens.

Hard-Headed (15 pts) - Obtain Helmet Parts.

Heartless Hunter (25 pts) - Defeat any Boss within 10 seconds.

Insurance Plan A (15 pts) - Obtain Subtank A

Insurance Plan B (15 pts) - Obtain Subtank B

Insurance Plan C (15 pts) - Obtain Subtank C

Insurance Plan D (15 pts) - Obtain Subtank D

Intro Stage Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear the Intro stage.

Item Hater (30 pts) - Clear Story mode without picking up a single item that was dropped by an enemy.

Loyal Wolf (15 pts) - Defeat Velguarder using his greatest weakness.

Master of the Forest (15 pts) - Defeat Sting Chameleon using his greatest weakness.

Maverick Hunter (30 pts) - Clear Story mode using only the X-Buster.

Merciful Hunter (25 pts) - Make it to any Boss without firing a single shot.

Nerves of Steel (30 pts) - Clear Story mode without using a single Subtank.

New-Type Airport Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Storm Eagle's stage.

Nimble-Footed (25 pts) - Clear any 1 of the 8 Maverick's stages without taking any damage.

Oceanic Base Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Launch Octopus's stage.

Oil Well Sealer (20 pts) - Sever Flame Mammoth's trunk.

Oligarch of Oil (15 pts) - Defeat Flame Mammoth using his greatest weakness.

Power Plant Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Spark Mandrill's stage.

Prince of the Skies (15 pts) - Defeat Storm Eagle using his greatest weakness.

S-A Class Hunter (30 pts) - Defeat every boss without taking any damage.

Sigma's Palace, Pt. 1 Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Part 1 of Sigma's Palace.

Sigma's Palace, Pt. 2 Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Part 2 of Sigma's Palace.

Sigma's Palace, Pt. 3 Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Part 3 of Sigma's Palace.

Sigma's Palace, Pt. 4 Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Part 4 of Sigma's Palace.

Snowy Fields Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Chill Penguin's stage.

Solitary Rogue (15 pts) - Defeat Vile using his greatest weakness.

Speed Demon (30 pts) - Clear Story mode within 60 minutes.

Tangled Web (15 pts) - Defeat Bosspider using his greatest weakness.

Tough Guy (15 pts) - Obtain Body Parts.

Tsar of Electricity (15 pts) - Defeat Spark Mandrill using his greatest weakness.

Unlimited Potential (30 pts) - Clear Story mode without picking up a single upgrade.

Unstoppable Firepower (15 pts) - Obtain Arm parts.

Wall of Terror (15 pts) - Defeat Rangda Bangda using his greatest weakness.

Weapons Plant Reclaimed (10 pts) - Clear Flame Mammoth's stage.

Whirlpool Stopper (20 pts) - Sever Launch Octopus's tentacles.

Will to Live (30 pts) - Clear Story mode without using a single continue.