Insane 2 PC Cheats

Unlockable - Steam Achievements

Africa - Get gold on 5 different Africa maps

Antarctic - Get gold on 5 different Antarctic maps

Best mechanic - Get prize-winning places in all events of 'Manufacturers Contest'

Bots are harder - Won Online Race with 8 Humans

Buggy - Get all car in Buggy class

Catch me - Lead through one Lap

Cautious - Get First Place without wrecks or repairs in Race

Don't come to me! - Get First Place without collisions in Race

Dust of the Roads - Drives 500 km

Eurasia - Get gold on 5 different Eurasia maps

Experimenter - One Car is completely upgraded

Extreme - Get all car in Extreme class

For Ages - Over 2 hours of Online Races

Frisky - Hold Flag for 1 minute

Hard work - Pass Any Championship

Hello! - Participate in first online Race

Hunter - Catch 5 Bonuses in 2 minutes

I know the Route - Won on all Maps in online Races

I'm the Boss - Won over Champion of Rating List

I've tried - Lost first place in 2 seconds before finish

Live legend - Get prize-winning places in all events of 'Pro Club'

Love of Diversity - Won online in all Gameplays

Mechanic - All cars are completely upgraded (excluding prototypes)

My! - Catch Bonus in the Air

New Record - Perform jump over 150 m in length

North America - Get gold on 5 different North America maps

Optimizer - Drives through 20 checkpoints in 2 minutes

Orbital Velocity - Accelerate vehicle over 200 kph

Pathfinder - Get 2400 Rating points in Gates Races

Pickups - Get all car in Pickup class

Pretender - Get prize-winning places in all events of 'Competitors Challenge'

Prototype - Get all car in Prototype class

Rally Master - Get 3400 Rating points in Rally Races

Ram Ram - Rams with the Opponent Head to Head in Split screen mode

Shiny! - Won First Gold Medal

Snatch - Catch all gold Bonuses in Greed

Speed Lust - For 2 minutes drives at speed not lower than 100 kph

Step to Fame - Won 25 online Races

Step to Peak - Pass Any Cup

SUV - Get all car in SUV class

Traveller - Drives 1500 km

Trucks - Get all car in Truck clas

Unstoppable - Get 2200 Rating Points in 'Flags' and 'Mark the Gate' Races

Very good Car - Won 10 online Races on single Car

What is inside? - Destroyed 10 own's vehicles

Where is my wings? - Take in air on altitude over 100 m

World celebrity - Get prize-winning places in all events of 'World Tour'