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Sea of Thieves Merrick Location | Where to find Merrick

Merrick is a special vendor that players can find and interact with in Sea of Thieves. Originally introduced in an earlier update for the game, Merrick is a primary member of The Hunter’s Call, a group of merchants that buy your fish, mermaid statues, and other goodies. In this guide we’ll go over the exact Merrick location in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Merrick Location

Finding Merrick in Sea of Thieves isn’t hard when you know exactly where to look. This particular NPC can be found on Stephen’s Spoils. This is just one of many small islands added with the Ancient Isles. These various little seaposts were added in the Forsaken Shores update. Originally players could only find some specialty vendors at these locations, however now they will be able to find Merrick and the other members of The Hunter’s Call at these locations.

Merrick is just one of many members of The Hunter’s Call, a group of people dedicated to buying your fish and goodies like mermaid statue gems. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out our guide on how to cook and sell fish in Sea of Thieves, which will go over everything you need to know to start cooking and selling the ten various fish species available to catch in the Sea of Thieves Anniversary update.

Merrick location

When Merrick first made his appearance in Sea of Thieves, he was just another lonely NPC without much meaning. Just another part of the scarred but beautiful world that Rare has painted in their hit pirate game. Now, though, Merrick has a new meaning, and will share all kinds of great little tidbits of information with you if you’ll stand around and listen long enough.

You can also purchase unique sets of items from Merrick, as well as gain promotions through The Hunter’s Call each time that you rank up doing other activities. It’s always worth stopping by a member of The Hunter’s Call and seeing what they’ve got in store for you.

Now that you know how to find Merrick in Sea of Thieves, you can get out there and start paving your path through the beautiful and dangerous islands that await you. Don’t forget to bring some friends along and be sure to check back here at GameRevolution if you ever find yourself needing any more guidance along the open seas.