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Team Sonic Racing Unlockables | What secret characters and tracks are there?

Team Sonic Racing is out now, and it’s the latest kart racing game from the creators of Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. That game, like many other kart racers, had many secrets, such as unlockable characters and tracks, so what Team Sonic Racing unlockables are there waiting to be found? We’ve got all the unlockable characters and special tracks in the Final Fortress zone below, plus details about how to get them.

Team Sonic Racing unlockables | How to unlock all characters

There are a total of 15 characters on the Team Sonic Racing roster, and if you’re just playing online or on local play, you’ll probably have noticed that all of these characters are available to you right at the start, with no unlocking required. This is the complete opposite to most kart racing games, including Team Sonic Racing‘s forerunner from the same developer Sumo Digital, Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. 

However, this does not mean all characters are unlocked throughout the entire game. The story-based single-player Team Adventure mode is the heart of the offline side of the game, but you’ll only start it with three characters available to play—Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles—and you’ll only be racing against Amy Rose, the Chao, and Big the Cat in the first few races. To unlock them all in Team Adventure mode, simply keep playing through the story, and as you pass into new Zones you’ll unlock new racers to play with and a new team to race against (along with all the old ones, making the game more difficult as you go along). The villain team is the toughest to get, as it just starts off as Dr Eggman, and Metal Sonic and Zavok aren’t unlocked until later.

Team Sonic Racing unlockables | How to unlock Final Fortress tracks

team sonic racing tracks

As mentioned above, and as you’ll notice immediately if you go to play a one-off race, time trial, or grand prix in Team Sonic Racing, all 15 characters are available to you right from the start, as they’re only locked in the Team Adventure single-player campaign. The same is not true of the game’s tracks, however. There are 21 race tracks in the game in total, but only 18 are available to play, even in local offline play or online, at least immediately. These 18 tracks (all themed around various Sonic the Hedgehog games) are part of the game’s first five Zones, which have three tracks each: Planet Wisp, Seaside Hill, Glacierland, Casino Park, and Sandopolis.

The sixth and final Zone, Final Fortress, is initially locked along with its three additional tracks: Thunder Deck, Dark Arsenal, and Turbine Loop. Unlike the game’s characters, you have to play through the entire Team Adventure campaign in order to unlock these final three tracks and the Final Fortress Zone. You don’t need to have played literally every level in Team Adventure mode, but you do need to have completed all the main tracks and finished the last level, Final Showdown. As for Team Adventure itself, you’ll slowly unlock more tracks for that to play as you go along.

Here’s a list of all 21 tracks available in Team Sonic Racing, including the three secret tracks as part of the unlockable Final Fortress Zone.

Planet Wisp

  • Wisp Circuit
  • Mother’s Canyon
  • Doctor’s Mine

Seaside Hill

  • Ocean View
  • Lost Palace
  • Whale Lagoon


  • Ice Mountain
  • Frozen Junkyard
  • Hidden Volcano

Casino Park

  • Roulette Road
  • Bingo Party
  • Pinball Highway


  • Sand Road
  • Boo’s House
  • Clockwork Pyramid

Final Fortress

  • Thunder Deck
  • Dark Arsenal
  • Turbine Loop

Are there any other secrets or Easter eggs?

Despite being a kart racer, Team Sonic Racing is a Sonic the Hedgehog game ultimately, and the series is well-known for making references to past Sonic titles, so there are plenty to be found. They’re mostly relegated to the tracks themselves, as the backgrounds all feature various nods to different games in the Sonic series. The famous whale from Sonic Adventure makes an appearance in Seaside Hill Zone, for example, and new character Dodon Pa appears to be riding Dr Eggman’s “Eggmobile” hover-car.

Various achievements also make reference to other Sonic games, such as “Reach For The Stars” for finishing one of the Adventure Zones, which is the main theme song of Sonic Colors, or “Sonic Heroes” for playing a local team race with two other players, which of course is the Sonic game where you play as a team of three with different abilities (similar to Team Sonic Racing). As for other Easter eggs, they’re yet to be found.