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Fortnite Dumpling Man Skin | How to get the Bao Bros outfit

Dataminers have leaked the rumored Fortnite Dumpling Man skin ahead of its official unveiling. Yeah, it looks like an onion for a head, but it’s a dumpling we assure you. If you want to know how to get the Bao Bros outfit, you’ll want to read our Fortnite Dumpling Man skin guide on its release date and other important information.

Fortnite Dumpling Man Skin | Release date

Fortnite Dumpling Man Skin

The Fortnite Dumpling Man skin doesn’t have a concrete release date just yet. As you might have guessed, the fact that it’s been unearthed by dataminers means that it isn’t out in the wild. The presence of it in the game files means that it could be patched through soon though.

As for who leaked it, well you can take your pick from prominent leakers. Lucas7yoshi is among that number, and his tweet about the skin ensures that this isn’t just some rubbish rumor that we should scoff at. The Dumpling Man skin had been rumored for quite a while, so it isn’t surprising to finally see it within the game’s files.

Fortnite Dumpling Man Skin | Bao Bros outfit unlock

Fortnite Dumpling Man Skin

We get it, you want to know how to unlock the Fortnite Dumpling Man skin right now. Unfortunately, you can’t. We’ll know for certain once it’s officially released, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on how you can get it.

We suspect that it will be part of the item shop in the coming weeks, which means you won’t have to complete any challenges to earn it. Instead, you’ll have to fork over V-Bucks to give your avatar a food-inspired costume.

The Dumpling Man skin is thought to be an Epic outfit too, so it won’t come cheap to buy. These normally cost you 1,500 V-Bucks to purchase, so you will have had to have saved up a fair few if you want it straight away.