Dauntless Slow Loading Times | Why are hunt waiting times so long?

There have been countless reports of Dauntless slow loading times ever since the game left its beta period earlier this week. If you’re one of those wondering why hunt waiting times are so long, and you want a fix for this, we can help. Read our Dauntless slow loading times guide for more information.

Dauntless Slow Loading Times | Waiting for hunts

Dauntless Slow Loading Times

Let’s get to the bottom of the Dauntless slow loading times then. The game left its beta stage on Tuesday, May 22 to the delight of Phoenix Labs, but players haven’t been happy with the game’s performance since then.

Like you, many others have complained about slow load times between hunts. Threads have been popping up all over the game’s Reddit page, such as this linked one, as people look for a way to resolve this issue.

It could be that the servers are simply overloaded with the number of players that are trying to access the game. There have been matchmaking issues too, which won’t help. If you want to read more about those problems, you can do so with our guide.

Dauntless Slow Loading Times | Is there a fix?

Dauntless Slow Loading Times

Phoenix Labs are aware of the Dauntless slow loading times and have provided an update on the problem via their servers page. They explained that they had sorted out a patch that resolves the loading times and matchmaking issues.

However, that hasn’t been the case for everyone. Players have continued to head to the game’s Reddit page to state that the slow load times are back. This seems particularly prevalent on PS4 consoles, and user frustration is certainly growing.

Phoenix Labs are continuing to monitor the situation, and should fix any niggling issues again if more people struggle to access the game. If you’re still struggling to get on now, it might be best to wait a while longer until things are more stable.