Tales from the Borderlands Steam version removed from store, other Telltale games likely to follow

It appears that the Tales from the Borderlands Steam version has been removed from the store. Tales from the Borderlands is an adventure game by Telltale Games set in the Borderlands universe and it was generally well-received, but it’s no longer available for sale after being pulled with no explanation.

Spiel Times reports that the Tales from the Borderlands Steam version was pulled from sale sometime recently, although we can’t be sure exactly when the removal took place. While the Steam version can’t be bought anymore on Valve’s digital distribution service, it is still currently available for several other platforms (and even on PC on other digital distribution services).

At the moment, it’s unclear why the Steam version of the game was removed from sale on Steam. This is the second time in recent memory that a Borderlands game was pulled from sale. Borderlands 3 was one of the games that was available at a discount in the Epic Mega Sale, but it was one of several games removed from the store for an indeterminate period of time. None of the official channels for the developer or publisher of Borderlands have commented on the Tales from the Borderlands Steam removal at the time of writing.

While there’s been no official comment on the removal of the game from Steam, one can speculate as to the reasons why. Several Telltale Games titles were delisted from Steam late last year due to licenses expiring and this may be what happened with the Borderlands adventure game. This reasoning was made all the more likely thanks to a recent announcement made by GOG: all remaining titles from Telltale Games are being removed from GOG on May 27, 2019.

That’s not to say that the game will no longer be available for purchase in the future; it’s possible that Tales from the Borderlands may make an eventual appearance on the Epic Games Store. While Telltale Games has been shuttered, several of their properties made the move over to Epic’s digital distribution service. No official announcement on the move has been made at the time of writing.

While Tales from the Borderlands is no longer available for Steam, PC players still have a couple of options to buy it for themselves: Tales from the Borderlands is still very much available on the Humble Store or DRM-free on GOG at a price of $24.99 or your regional equivalent. If you’ve been wanting to get this game for the PC (and you don’t want to potentially deal with the Epic Games Store), you’re probably going to want to buy it sooner rather just in case it’s gone for good.