Epic Mega Sale now live, free game being offered once a week

The Epic Mega Sale is now live and it includes some pretty fantastic deals! The very first major Epic Games Store sale is going on right now and players can pick up some steep discounts on games both old and new. There’s also the opportunity to score even more free games with no strings attached.

Although there were some early hiccups, the Epic Games Store has since stabilized and has been chugging along nicely for the last few months. New games (some of which are temporarily exclusive to the platform) are being added every few days. Epic Games has been attracting new people to the platform by offering a free game every two weeks as well. Now, there is one more reason to pop over to the store and shop: the Epic Mega Sale is here.

Firstly, the sale has some pretty great discounts on games both old and new. Some of the discounts are particularly surprising; here are some of the more notable discounts:

Secondly, the Epic Mega Sale has an awesome deal across the board for both gamers and developers. Essentially, any game that’s $14.99 (or your regional equivalent) or higher in price is getting $10.00 taken off the top — and Epic Games is picking up the tab. Metro Exodus, for example, is $5.00 off from the developer and Epic is taking another $10 off of that. The additional $10 discount costs the developers and publishers nothing; Epic Games is essentially paying the devs a $10 credit.

Finally, some more free discounts are going to be available for the duration of the sale. While they’ve previously been giving away a game every two weeks, the pace will be stepped up to one game a week for the duration of the sale.

Unfortunately, the Epic Mega Sale is not without its problems. Returning to our previous example of Metro Exodus, the store frontpage lists its sale price as $39.99. However, the page for the game itself lists the sale price as $34.99 ($5 off from the developer and $10 off from Epic Games).

Go ahead and check out what’s on offer in the Epic Mega Sale. If you have any questions, they’re probably answered by the sale’s F.A.Q. The sale ends on June 13, 2019.