Epic Games Store Spring Sale is the last chance to use $10 Holiday coupon

The Epic Games Store Spring Sale is here! If you’ve been holding onto that $10 coupon from last year’s Winter Sale, this is your last chance to use it — and there are some great games on offer this time around!

Let’s rewind a bit: during last year’s holiday sale, the Epic Games Store offered up a $10 coupon that could be applied to any one purchase. Some people didn’t use theirs, though, and they might not be aware that it’s still available!

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However, the F.A.Q. from last year’s holiday sale notes that the coupon expires on May 1, 2020 at 2:59 AM EST. That means that the Epic Games Store Spring Sale is probably your last, best chance to get some great savings!

Here are some of the cooler discounts available right now:

There may be some better deals elsewhere, but the holiday coupon can make one of these selections the cheapest deal available! You have until April 16, 2020, until the Spring Sale ends; after that, your Holiday 2019 coupon goes away forever on May 1, 2020. Check out the Spring Sale on the Epic Games Store to see all of the other great deals!

H/T @Wario64