Epic Games Store refund policy reportedly gives you money back for missing sales

It appears that the Epic Games Store refund policy may have quietly changed, at least according to one user’s report. If you’ve missed out on a sale on the Epic Games Store, you may be getting some of your money back according to one gamer’s experience.

There’s an unfortunate scenario that many of us have faced in the past: you buy a game, only to discover that it goes on sale a couple of days later. Now, it seems that Epic Games may have solved that problem with a simple solution.

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Twitter user Joshua Boggs had recently purchased a game that subsequently went on sale. According to his tweet, he later received the difference in price as a refund automatically.

“Whoa whoa what?!,” Boggs exclaimed on Twitter. “I’ve clearly been around for too long because I find this refund for a discount I missed on the ⁦⁩[Epic Games Store] absolutely [mind-blowingly] generous. This is incredible?”

We can’t say for sure if this is a one-off or a permanent change to how the store operates; at the moment, the Epic Games Store refund policy has not been changed to reflect this apparent action on its part.

H/T GamesRadar