Rainbow Six Siege Warden | How to unlock, playstyle, ability, and more

The two new Rainbow Six Siege Operators included as part of Operation Phantom Sight have been announced. These are Nokk and Warden. In this guide, we’re taking a look at Rainbow Six Siege Warden. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the brand-new defender. Read on for details regarding how to unlock Warden, Warden’s weapons, Warden’s ability, Warden’s playstyle, and more. If you’re after a one-stop shop for all things Warden in Rainbow Six Siege, this is the guide for you.

Rainbow Six Siege Warden | How to unlock

Rainbow Six Siege Warden

To unlock Warden in Rainbow Six Siege, you will, unfortunately, need to wait until Year 4 Season 2, or Operation Phantom Sight, begin in June. Both Warden and Nokk will be available to anyone who owns the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 pass. Operation Phantom Sight is already in the throes of test servers as of May 21, so you, hopefully, won’t have to wait too long before Year 4 Season 2 goes live for everyone.

It’s hoped now that there is only going to be a two-three week gap between seasons going on test servers and then going live for everyone. This means that any Year 4 pass owners should all be able to access Operation Phantom Sight no later than June 11 and unlock Warden at no extra cost. If you don’t own the Year 4 pass, however, you will have to wait a further seven days from the launch of Operation Phantom Sight before you can unlock Warden via either Renown or R6 Credits. Keep an eye right here on GameRevolution for any Operation Phantom Sight updates.

Rainbow Six Siege Warden | Weapons and ability

Rainbow Six Siege Warden

As with all Rainbow Six Siege Operators, Warden comes with his own set of weapons, gadgets, and a unique ability. A low-speed Defender class Operator with high a high armor rating, Warden is equipped with the following weapons and gadgets:

  • Primary Weapons:
    • M590A1 Shotgun
    • MPX SMG
  • Secondary Weapons
    • P-10C Pistol
    • SMG-12 Machine Pistol
  • Gadgets: Deployable Shield and Barbed Wires

As you can tell from his weapons and gadgets, Warden is definitely best used for close-quarters gunfights and defending. Warden’s unique ability will let you get out of tricky, smoky situations.

Warden’s Glance Smart Glasses represent something that hasn’t really been seen in Rainbow Six Siege up until this moment. With the Glance Smart Glasses turned on, you will be able to see through smoke, not get affected by flash effects, or remove the effects of any flash devices. Used properly, the Glance Smart Glasses could prove to be an essential piece of kit.

Not everything is as good as it sounds, however, there have to be some weaknesses for the sake of balance. The Glance Smart Glasses work best when you remain still, move and you won’t see through smoke nearly as well. There’s a fixed cooldown for the Smart Glasses, too. You are able to manually activate and reactivate them, mind. Anyone with smoke grenades or flashbangs might have to rethink their plans.

Rainbow Six Siege Warden Playstyle

Rainbow Six Siege Warden

As per the official Ubisoft page on Operation Phantom Sight, Warden is a slow-moving highly-armored Defender Operative. You won’t want to pick Warden to outmaneuver your opponents. Nor will you want to pick Warden for any long-range gunfights. You likely won’t want to get trapped in a corner with him, though.

Equipped with either the M590A1 Shotgun or MPX Submachine Gun, Warden won’t be a good pick for those of you wishing to fight from a distance. Warden is an up-close and personal kind of Operator. While SMGs can prove useful in nearly all scenarios, it will lose out to plenty of other weapons at any reasonable distance. There’s only so long Warden’s armor will last.

Warden is a Defender and he definitely should be used as one. He’s slow and meticulous in design, his ability not working fully when he’s moving. This is why you should opt to play as Warden in an anchor playstyle. Stay behind or around your allies, placing Warden’s Deployable Shield and Barbed Wire down for cover. Use him to counter against any enemies using flash devices, such as Ying and Blitz.

As soon as you see smoke or flashbangs, turn on those Glance Smart Glasses. Wait behind corners until you see such effects and surprise your enemies. Find a nice cozy spot and stick to it. If you believe you have an area locked down, quickly move on to another and make it your own. Warden could prove a very useful member of any team, just don’t try any flanking or fragging with him.

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