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Fallout 76 Rabbit Location | How to complete the Hoppy Hunter daily challenge

Fallout 76 has been out for a few months now, and one of the ways that Bethesda keeps the attention of players is through daily challenges. There are big events too, such as the just-released Project Paradise DLC, but smaller challenges can be a good way to earn a few Atoms and get some nice cosmetic upgrades. One of these recurring daily quests requires players to hunt some rabbits, so you’ll need a good Fallout 76 rabbit location. Here’s the best we’ve found.

Where is the best Fallout 76 rabbit location?

Fallout 76 rabbit location map

There are many places to find rabbits in Fallout 76, but not all of them are guaranteed to show up in a particular location. There’s a chance to find rabbits at such diverse places as the road northeast of Monongah Mine, by the house on the railroad tracks south of Sunnytop Station, east of Garrahan Mining Headquarters, and west of Camp Adams, amongst other places. However, the only guaranteed spawning location for Fallout 76 rabbits is at the Whitespring Bunker, or specifically the Whitespring Service Entrance just south of Whitespring itself.

There’s a little hill here, above the bunker doors, and you’re guaranteed to find a few woodland creatures scuttling around the undergrowth on this hill. Rabbits in particular are certain to spawn, and you should find more than one. We found several rabbits every time we visited there.

Why do you need to find rabbits in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 rabbit location hoppy

Rabbits are only level 1 “enemies,” and we’re not even sure if they count as that since they don’t attack. They don’t give any special items and so there’s not any particular reason to go looking for them, except they’re the focus of a daily challenge that occurs on a rotating basis. The challenge is to kill a rabbit while under the influence of the Hoppy Hunter drink. This consumable was added as part of the Wild Appalachia season, and you’ll have to brew some first before you go wabbit hunting. Drink it, kill the wabbit, and you’ll get 20 Atoms for your trouble.