Dauntless Shock Orbs | How to farm for Shock Orbs

The final type of Orb available to players in Dauntless are Shock Orbs. As one of the primary crafting materials needed for armor and weapons, you’re going to need to know how to farm for Shock Orbs if you want to stay on top of your equipment and be able to stand up to the largest Behemoths in the Shattered Isles. That’s why we’re going to help you out. In this guide you’ll find all the information that you need to farm for Shock Orbs quickly, as well as how to use them to craft new weapons and armor when visiting Ramsgate.

Dauntless Shock Orbs | How to farm for Shock Orbs

If you really want to farm for Shock Orbs and be able to craft all the various Shock infused items available to you, then you’re going to want to focus on things like Shock Patrols. Like the other Patrols available in Dauntless, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Shock Orbs just for hunting down the Behemoth in each Patrol. Of course, the problem that comes into play here is the difficulty of the Shock Behemoths, which can be some of the most difficult available near the start of your adventure as a Slayer.

Dauntless Shock patrols for Shock Orbs

Shock Patrols come in with a Threat Level rating from 5 up to 7, with the lower recommended Power Level for a Shock Behemoth being 200. This is, of course, going to leave you open to a bit of grinding, as you’ll first want to acquire gear that matches that Power Level. In Shock Patrols, you’ll be able to take on three different Shock Behemoths. As mentioned above, the lowest Behemoth here, the Nayzaga, is ranked at Power Level 200. The second tier is the Stormclaw, which comes with a recommended Power Level of 250. Finally, the Drask is the highest level Shock Behemoth available in Shock Patrols. This beast comes with a recommended Power Level of 275.

You can also earn additional Shock Orbs by completing Shock Patrols with your Daily Patrol Bonus Rewards active. You can hold up to six of the bonus rewards at a time, which technically means you can complete a Shock Patrol six times to earn the same amount of rewards as you’ll find by completing twelve Patrols. This is one of the best way to maximize how many Shock Orbs you’re earning, which means you should use your Daily Patrol Bonus Rewards on whichever type of Patrols you need Orbs for.

How to use Shock Orbs in Dauntless

Now that we’ve discussed the best ways to earn Shock Orbs, it’s time to talk about using them. Like the various other crafting reagents available to you in Dauntless, Shock Orbs can be utilized to craft new armor, weapons, and Ostian Repeater parts. To craft different armor and weapon pieces, you’re going to need to make your way to Ramsgate. This is the main social area in Dauntless, and a place that you’ll spend quite a bit of time exploring and working within.

Dauntless Shock armor

After spawning in Ramsgate, make your way to the back corner of the town. Here you’ll find two important vendors, the weaponsmith and the armorsmith. These two NPCs are vitally important to your progression in Dauntless, and you’ll visit them quite often throughout your time in the game. The first vendor you will want to visit is Wils Bormen. This is the weaponsmith. Here you can craft various weapons like Swords, War Pikes, Chain Blades, and so on. Each weapon has different types, including those like the Nayzaga’s Razor, which is built using Nayzaga parts and Shock Orbs.

Just across from the weaponsmith, you can find an NPC named Moyra Heigsketter. This NPC is the armorsmith. Visiting her will allow you to craft various pieces of armor like the Draskscale Helmet, which uses parts from the Drask Behemoth as well as Shock Orbs. You’ll want to craft entire sets of the armor for the most protection, and each armor set comes with individual bonuses and attributes that you can use to really fine tune your play style in Dauntless.

There are a lot of systems to master in Dauntless, as well as a ton of great weapons and armor sets to obtain and upgrade. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of Orbs in your stockpile, as you’ll need them to upgrade and progress through the game so that you can take on more difficult enemies along the way.