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Outer Wilds Ash Twin Project | How to teleport into the core of Ash Twin

One of the last things you have to do in Outer Wilds is to enter the project at the core of Ash Twin. There are plenty of clues spread around the Outer Wilds system on how to do this, but because of how complicated the answers to some of the puzzles are in the game you’re likely overthinking it. Fortunately, getting into the Ash Twin Project is rather easy to do. Unfortunately, it can be pretty tough to figure out.

Outer Wilds Ash Twin Project Location

Outer Wilds Ash Twin Tower

Predictably, the Ash Twin Project tower is located on Ash Twin, along with the other five teleportation towers. To find it, you’ll have to wait until the sand has uncovered it. The building you want is the second to be revealed, so just orbit the planet and wait for the Sun Tower (the one that looks like a crown) to peak out and then you’ll know the next building to be uncovered is the one you want.

Once the sand has gone down some, look for the two towers that are squeeze close together and connected by a bridge. Each tower is designed to physically resemble the world they’re connected to, and these twin towers are reminiscent of Ember Twin and Ash Twin orbiting each other.

Figuring out which of the twin towers represents the Ash Twin isn’t too tough. There’s one with a shattered top and one with a top that divides in two. The split top represents the equator of Ember Twin, so you know it’s not that one. The Ash Tower is the one with the crumbled top.

How to teleport into the Ash Twin Project core in Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds Ash Twin Tower Dead Nomai

So, you’ve found the Ash Twin Project tower, but now you have to figure out how to use it to teleport into the core. This is really, really easy if you do it right, but it took me forever to figure out how it’s done. Typically, to use a teleportation tower in Outer Wilds, you need to just stand in the middle and look up. When the planetary body you’re trying to reach passes overhead you’ll warp and be there. It’s not so easy with the Ash Twin tower.

When you try to teleport using the Ash Twin tower, you’ll get a whole lot of nothing. If you’re just standing in it waiting for it to work, you’ll get pushed out by the falling sand and end up flailing around trying to make it back on the planet. Instead, you’ve got to put on your thinking cap and figure out how you’re going to avoid the sand.

The falling sand has an “eye” in the middle that doesn’t push you. So, if you can stay sheltered until the eye passes overhead, you can enter the Ash Twin tower unimpeded. Your biggest clue on how to do this is right next to the lower door of the tower under the bridge. You’ll see a dead Nomai there sprawled on the ground. The critical thing to notice here is that the Nomai body isn’t affected by the sand. No matter what it stays firmly planted. This lets you know the bridge will shield you from the falling sand.

Outer Wilds Ash Twin Core

To use the Ash Twin tower to make it into the core, you just need to wait under the bridge until the sand passes overhead. Once you’re in the middle of the sand, sprint into the tower and you’ll be teleported into in Ash Twin core. Not so hard, huh?

Once you’re in the Ash Twin core, you can start making preparations for the end of the game. There’s a ton here to see and a lot of Nomai writing to parse. Your main objective here is to grab the advanced warp core that is powering the time loop. My advice here is to take your time, read all the Nomai writing, which will clear up some lingering questions you probably have, and then go throw yourself into a wall as hard as you can so you can start the loop over.

Once you take the warp core, you only have until the end of the loop to make it to The Vessel, insert the warp core, input the code, and warp to the Eye of the Universe. By the time you read everything in the Ash Twin core facility you likely won’t have much time left on the clock, so you’re best off sprinting directly there in a new loop so you’ll have some breathing room.