Call of Duty Mobile Pay to Win | Is CoD Mobile P2W?

Is Call of Duty Mobile pay to win?” is a question you might be asking yourself, as the new free-to-play game costs absolutely nothing to download, install, and get playing. You can access all modes without ever spending a penny. CoD Mobile isn’t unique in this respect, as many mobile titles allow for free entry, preferring to monetize through video advertisements and/or premium currencies.

Of course, games do require money to be made and to continue being supported, and so Call of Duty Mobile is unsurprisingly full of opportunities for players to spend the CP (Call of Duty Points) currency. If these purchasables are purely cosmetic, only changing a character’s appearance and not impacting gameplay, then that is usually regarded as okay. However, when players can pay cash for additional gameplay boosts, then a game could be criticized for being pay to win.

Call of Duty Mobile Pay to Win | P2W features

Call of Duty Mobile Pay to Win

At the time of writing, Call of Duty Mobile is currently in its beta testing stage, with access limited to India. While the game could be subject to change before its official launch, it’s worth pointing out a number of potential pay-to-win mechanics that could negatively impact the gameplay of players.

In addition to the usual cosmetic options, which alter the appearance of characters and weapons, there are also upgradeable perks and weapon variants. Players can invest real-world money to unlock more powerful guns and perks. These most certainly impact gameplay. For example, one weapon allows the player to sprint faster for three seconds after respawning. Another increases reload speed. Neither of these boosts come with a downside. This means that, yes, “Call of Duty Mobile is pay to win” can be an accurate statement.

It remains to be seen if the full game will have these same microtransactions. Here’s hoping tweaks can be made to ensure that players can’t pay for significant power.