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Battlefield 5 1.17 Update Patch Notes | New BF5 Update today

The Battlefield 5 1.17 update patch notes are here! This update is somewhat smaller than we’re typically used to. However, it brings with it several fixes to the game, two of which include critical issues that were making Battlefield Firestorm matches a lot less fun. Read on for the BF5 patch notes and highlights!

Battlefield 5 1.17 Update Patch Notes Highlights

Battlefield 5 1.17 Update Patch Notes

Bug fixes

A handful of bug fixes have made their way into the game as noted in the Battlefield 5 1.17 update patch notes. These include fixing an issue with the Boys AT Rifle Specialization that would cause it not deal the correct amount of damage to whatever you’re hitting.

A problem was making it impossible for players to reset their Specializations, but that problem has since been resolved. Furthermore, a problem existed where players would not get the assignments that they had earned by moving along in weapon progression. This issue has been resolved and assignments should now be properly awarded to qualifying players.

Lastly, the stability of Spectator mode has been improved; this means that watching others play the game should now provide an overall smoother experience.

Firestorm improvements

Although this is a tiny patch, a couple of critical improvements to Battlefield Firestorm have also been added. The Battlefield 5 1.17 update patch notes detail three key fixes, one of which will make for a serious improvement to an issue caused by ill-tempered players.

Firstly, an exploit was resolved that previously allowed players to land before anyone else. (As anyone who has played a Battle Royale game can tell you, getting to the ground first can be everything!) The draw distance of player parachutes has also been increased; this should make it easier to spot incoming enemies from afar.

Perhaps the most important (and most significant) fix in Update 1.17 is a change to the way loot drops. Previously, a player who quit a Firestorm match while downed would also take all of their collected loot with them. This has now been (thankfully) changed — a downed player who gets 200% mad and disconnects will now drop their loot on the ground.

Battlefield 5 1.17 Update Patch Notes Full List

Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations

  • Fixed an issue with a Boys AT Rifle Specialization which would cause it to do an incorrect amount of damage.

UI/HUD/Options/Assignments/Other changes

  • Fixed an issue which made it impossible to reset Specializations.
  • Players should now properly get the assignments tied to weapon progression. Previously, players could run into issues where they were not awarded properly.
  • Firestorm – Players that leave the server will now drop their inventory on the ground.

​Maps & Modes

  • Firestorm – Fixed an exploit that would let players land on the map earlier than other players.
  • Firestorm – Increased the draw distance of other players’ parachutes, making it easier to see where they’re heading from longer distances.


  • Improved stability of Spectator mode.