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The Surge 2 Pre-order Guide | All The Surge 2 editions and where to buy them

The Surge 2 is all set to launch for September 24, 2019, and interested gamers might want to secure their purchase early. As with most big titles, the developer and publisher have teamed up to make some neat goodies available for those of you who put in a pre-order early enough. Our The Surge 2 pre-order guide covers everything you’ll get with your pre-order, where to buy it, and the awesome extras available in The Surge 2 Limited Edition.

The Surge 2 Pre-order Guide | Pre-order bonuses

The Surge 2 Pre-Order Guide

Let’s start with the The Surge 2 pre-order bonuses. A number of cool items are available including an armor set, exclusive weapons, and some neat cosmetics that you can use to show off. These are all included in the bonus DLC The Urbn Gear Pack.

Before we move on, it should be noted that The Urbn Gear Pack will be available for purchase at a later date. You won’t necessarily get to keep all of these items exclusively, but you will more than likely get access to them before anyone else and before the DLC is made available for purchase.

  • URBN Gear Set: A stolen set of MG Cerberus Gear, powerfully reinforced by back-alley machinery.
  • Warren’s Well-Used Cutter: A mysteriously bloodied Astir Vibro-Cutter, recovered from a horrific incident at the Cred Complex.
  • URBN Judgement Axe: A Gang Enforcer’s aftermarket version of a deadly military axe.
  • Lootscan.exe Radar Module: A Jericho City survivor’s best friend!
  • URBN Skimmer Drone: A unique gangland combat drone comes painted with a surplus of style.
  • Online Message Icon: Spray it, don’t say it, with this exclusive graffiti icon.

And that’s it for the pre-order bonuses in our The Surge 2 pre-order guide. However, that’s not all you can get. The Surge 2 Limited Edition is also available for purchase and it includes some excellent physical goodies that will come along with the game in addition to the above pre-order bonuses.

The Surge 2 Pre-order Guide | The Surge 2 Limited Edition

The Surge 2 Pre-Order Guide

If you’re out for a premium experience, why not pick up The Surge 2 Limited Edition? This special edition of the game includes a number of physical goodies for players to enjoy. Do note that pre-purchasing this edition will likely include the pre-order bonuses listed in the preceding section.

Let’s break down what you can get with the Limited Edition of this game:

  • Exclusive Sleeve Case: An exclusive sleeve case will come with the Limited Edition to cover your physical copy of the game.
  • Lenticular Exclusive Cover: A special cover for the game utilizing a technique called lenticular printing. In short, this will give the cover the illusion of depth and should make it look very nice.
  • Exclusive 8-Page Comic Book: A special 8-page comic book titled Out of the Ashes will be included with the Limited Edition of the game.
  • Double Poster with Artwork and Game Map: A 35cm x 43 cm (approximately 13.75″ x 17″) poster featuring artwork and the game map.
  • 3 Exclusive Lithographs: Three exclusive prints will also come with your purchase of The Surge 2 Limited Edition. Each of these prints measures 11.5cm x 15.7cm (approximately 4.5″ x  6.2″). Here’s what you’ll get:
    • Jericho City Police Department: A picture of the Jericho City Police Department headquarters.
    • Cloud 9 in Jericho City: An image of an iconic location in Jericho City.
    • ??ns Rock: Another image of a location from the game that appears to be some kind of resort.

All of these physical goodies will be available for those of you who purchase The Surge 2 Limited Edition. Do note that the images shown above may not reflect the final product and that these goodies will only be available at select retailers and while supplies last.

The Surge 2 Pre-order Guide | Where to pre-order The Surge 2

The Surge 2 closed beta

If our The Surge 2 Pre-order Guide has sold you on purchasing the game early, you’re probably going to want to know where to pick it up. We’ve got you covered. Don’t forget the two key facts that we’ve iterated above:

  • The digital pre-order bonuses will be available for purchase at a later date.
  • The physical goodies in the Limited Edition may not look 100% like they were depicted, they will only be available at select retailers, and they can only be purchased while supplies last.

Finally, we’ll close out our The Surge 2 pre-order guide with the places that you can pre-order The Surge 2 right now:

Where to buy The Surge 2

The Surge 2 PS4 Pre-Order

The Surge 2 Standard Edition for PS4

The Surge 2 Xbox One Pre-Order

The Surge 2 Standard Edition for Xbox One

The Surge 2 PC Pre-Order

The Surge 2 Standard Edition for PC