Dauntless Server Status | Are the servers down?

If you’ve been playing Dauntless since it released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 a few weeks ago, then changes are you’ve probably found yourself dealing with some server issues. If you’re one of the unlucky souls having issues connecting, then it can always be a good idea to check the Dauntless server status and see if the servers are down. In this guide we’ll show you how to easily check the Dauntless server status to ensure that the servers aren’t down for maintenance or having any issues when you’re trying to play the game.

Dauntless Server Status | Are the servers down?

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably got a busy life. That means that finding time to sit down and play games for hours upon hours at a time can be very tough to do. That’s why games like Dauntless, which make it easy to dive in and play for an hour or so at a time, are so well loved by the majority of the online gaming community. But, if you’re trying to play Dauntless and run into server issues, knowing how to check the server status can be important.

Thankfully, Phoenix Labs thought ahead and it has set up a Dauntless system status page, which goes over everything that players need to know about the various server functions for Dauntless. You can find the server status page by heading over to the game’s website. Here you’ll be able to see the overall status of each and every faucet of the Dauntless servers.

Dauntless server status page

The Dauntless server status page is broken down into seven categories. These categories include:

  • Chat
  • Game Servers
  • Login
  • Matchmaking
  • Social
  • Store
  • Website

Each of these pieces of the server function in their own way, and just because one part is degraded doesn’t mean that all parts will be degraded. It’s important to keep an eye on this page, as it will also generate reports for any incidents that the developers run into. Each incident is also broken down with details, the date it was discovered, as well as the last known time that it was an issue. You’ll also be able to easily tell if the issue has been resolved by looking at the status of the incident report on the server status page.

If you’re having trouble logging into Dauntless, first make sure to check the server status page to ensure there aren’t any big issues that Phoenix Labs is working on resolving. If you’re still experiencing trouble, make sure to check out our various troubleshooting articles where we tell you how to resolve the Dauntless shop bug, as well as go into detail about what matchmaking in progress means.