Dauntless Shop Bug | Why can’t I buy Platinum?

Despite it being predominantly F2P, players wanting to buy microtransactions in Dauntless have come across a Dauntless Shop bug that means they can’t buy Platinum, the game’s premium currency. If you’re having trouble with using the game’s store, or just want to know whether there’s a fix to the endless freezing upon trying to purchase Platinum, then check down below. Don’t worry, this advice won’t cost you a dime.

What is the Dauntless Shop bug?

Dauntless Shop Bug

Of course, there are going to be teething problems during a game’s launch and, unfortunately, this has extended to the Dauntless Shop.

Several players on the sub-reddit’s Bug Megathread have been vocal about the issue. The crux of the problem is thus: Upon trying to buy Premium through the in-game store, you’re whisked away to another page that asks you to confirm your purchase. However, the game will freeze up on you during loading and the only way to get out of this sorry mess is to force close your game window/game app.

It’ll even tell you that you need to restart the game to fix any issues but, as you’ll find out if you do it, you won’t receive your Platinum. You’re then stuck in an endless loop while trying to buy anything from the Dauntless shop.

Is there a Dauntless shop bug fix?

Dauntless Shop Bug

Kinda. While restarting the game has been known to work from time to time, there is actually a very good reason as to why you’re coming across the Dauntless shop bug: The shop is down. Yes, that’s a thing. It’s happened across the game’s launch from May 21-23, and in all likelihood will happen again in future. So, don’t fret, as it’s not a problem on your end. You’ll just have to monitor the game’s social media pages to keep an eye on any server-side issues.