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Infinity Blade II iPhone Cheats


1 – Learn how to use combos! You can also mix any of these up by starting with Right/Down/Up and changing the relative direction in the pattern and learn how to do a 5-hit combo!

Left, Right, Left = Huge Hit

(Does the most damage you can in a 3 hit window)

Left, Left, Right, Right = Mega Hit

(Does the most damage you can in a 4 hit window)

Left, Right, Up, Down, Left = Ultra Hit

(Best, this does the most damage you can in a 5 or greater hit window)

2 – Use your shield wisely. Block with shield, slide off of shield to swipe – no need to lift finger.

Save shield for end of fight when health is low since it is the easiest – be aware – some boss attacks get past shield, know them and dodge.

3 – Pay attention to the XP of your weapons and items. If they are mastered switch them out before the next battle.

4 – When fighting the 15 foot Titans (like the Feral Troll), pay attention to which side he smashes his weapon to the ground. If he smashes on the right side, dodge to the right shortly afterward. If he smashes on the left side do the same on the left. It’s a good indicator of which way to dodge.

5 – Pay attention to the Titan’s info. For example, if he is immune to fire, be sure to equip an Ice Sword, Ice Ring and a Fire Shield. This way you can do maximum damage to the boss and also block his attacks.

6 – Remember to look for loot between fights. Health vials are precious and you can find tons of gold just lying around in the world.

7 – Use magic to your advantage. Find rings that allow a good balance of offensive and defensive spells – a well timed “Heal” spell can be the difference between destroying the God King or leaving your kid to mop up your mess…

8 – Once a weapon is mastered it no longer gives you XP. So switch up your inventory from time to time to get your character to the highest levels. Mastered items double in value – sell them in the store if you need more gold.

9 – Try using block and dodge to defend the first few attacks of an enemy combo, to get in more scratch hits between enemy moves. After the third or fourth enemy attack, try parrying to score the larger damage window at the end of the combo, especially if you get a stab or sword clash opportunity.

10 – Fast forward button – use it to quickly get to next fight (but, you may miss money/health pickups – so avoid if you need them).

11 – In between fights, try to equip your items with ‘gold+’ attributes to get more gold from any money bags you find.

12 – Mastering the art of parrying is the key to becoming an unstoppable sword fighter – learn to parry and you will dominate the God King!

Continue a Rebirth After Unlocking the Blood Seal

As soon as Siris falls to the ground and dies after you defeat a Blood Sentinel, pause the game and press the Options button. Select Last Rebirth and press Check. You will restart the rebirth but you get to keep all items, levels, experience, and so forth that you have acquired, plus the Blood Seal will be unlocked. Repeat the procedure each time until you have to fight Thane again after his rebirth, which will allow you to face foes such as Thane and Radriar at a much lower level than usual.

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Easy Money (Exploit)

Go to the Characters screen. From there, choose the cheapest light weapon, and then choose the most expensive heavy weapon. Once you have done so, hit Sell and scroll right at the same time. If you do it correctly, you will see the heavy weapon you chose under the Sell screen. Now choose Sell and you will receive 1,000,000 gold.

Unlimited Infinity Blades

This glitch will allow you to get tons of money by selling unlimited Infinity Blades you can get for free. In order to do this you need to have beaten the game at least once and have mastered the Infinity Blade. Right after you beat the game and start from the begining go through the whole tutorial until you are up to a long cut scene. You will verse the 1st major boss. After you beat her go to your inventory, switch from the Infinity Blade to any other wepon in your inventory. Sell the Infinity Blade and exit the inventory. Continue to the cut scene and right before Siris puts the Infinity Blade in the rock go to the inventory and you will see that you have the Infinity Blade again. After the cutscene ends there should be another cut scene. Right when it starts go to options and go to restart rebirth 1. It should start from the beginning of the tutorial. At the beginning of the tutorial the 2nd time if you used the right items (Nodus, Eridius, Seratic Armor, and Ring of Ice and Fire) you sould have 2 of all of them, sell them . If you did everything correctly you should have earned $381068 every time you do this and you can do it as much times as you want.


Equipment Exploit

Play through the game until you obtain the six items needed to unlock the gates in the room with six triangles. Once you have that equipment, restart the game in Bloodline One. Before you fight anyone, change your gear so that you are equipped with the worst available equipment (the default gear that was available when you first started the game in the castle area). Now fight the first enemy, a ninja, and you should see that the prompt to block his attacks doesn't display. Let him kill you. Once you die and the option appears, indicate that you wish to restart the game on the previous bloodline. Since there is no previous bloodline available, the game will not recognize that you have already obtained the valuable gear. Play again now and return to the room with the triangles for a fresh set of equipment. Continue from there and fight to obtain the large key, then reset to Bloodline One again. You can repeat the process as often as you like. Each time, you will get more valuable equipment that you can sell for a bunch of gold, as well as another large key.

Easy Awesome Gem

At the beginning of the game, when your going through the tutorial, you will get a +100 water attack gem to equip to your infinity blade. As soon as you get the chance take it off of the infinity blade. You only lose $8,000 out of the $250,000 you start with, so live with it. Once you finished the tutorial and you have started your rebirth, the awesome gem will be sitting in your inventory. Once you get the chance, equip it, and you will always have a +100 attack gem with you.

NOTE: You could sell the gem and make a lot of money, BUT i have been playing the game for a very long time and beat the game a numerous amount of times, but the best i have is a +99 shock gem. I know, only 1 difference, but it took FOREVER to find and costed a lot of money.


Easy Money

You need some of the following Swords/Hammers: Gelder, Halfstar, Infinity Blade, Thistle, Ricochet, Imperial. Then follow these steps:

- Reset the Rebirth.

- Play through the 1st Rebirth normally.

- Play through the 2nd Rebirth, until you get to a point (after the spot with the big dragon statue in the middle) where you chose to go right or left. Chose left.

- Beat the enemy in the room with all the sealed doors.

- Unlock as many of the doors as you can and collect the items inside.

- Repeat step 1-4.

- Now all the doors are locked again with the items inside! Unlock the doors again and collect the items.

- Now enter the store and sell all the extra items.

- Repeat the steps, but this time it wont take as long, because you already have 1x of each item. You can make up to (~$321,318) by selling all the items.