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Will there be an Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4 port?

We suspect that you’re here because you’re interested in learning about possible Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4 ports. The game is due out on Nintendo Switch soon, but there’s some uncertainty about Platinum Games’ title coming to other platforms. Read our Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4 guide for the complete lowdown on Astral Chain exclusivity and the game’s potential future on other platforms.

Will there be Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4 editions?

Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4

Unfortunately, there won’t be any Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4 versions coming out any time soon. The Platinum Games title is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, so any faint hopes you might have had about this possibility have been snuffed out.

The game, which is out on Switch consoles on August 30, looks set to be a winner for Platinum and Nintendo. You might think that, if it performs well, that Platinum would consider bringing it to gamers on other platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One.

However, that simply isn’t the case. It won’t be coming to either console, so you’ll need to get a Switch if you want to play it.

Why won’t there be Astral Chain Xbox or PS4 games?

Astral Chain Xbox One and PS4

Never say never, but it’s almost certain that an Astral Chain Xbox One or PS4 port will never arrive. That might seem odd to some, but we have our suspicions as to why.

The chief one of those is that Platinum Games and Microsoft have worked together before, and it didn’t end well. The former was developing an Xbox One exclusive title called Scalebound, but it got canceled in 2017 after being in development for four years. Both parties publically stated that the decision to cut ties was amicable but, if Platinum were disappointed over that game’s cancellation, they wouldn’t want their new title to come to Xbox One so soon after that.

For PS4, it’s a bit trickier to explain. Japanese-developed games always do well on PS4, so not porting Astral Chain to Sony’s console is a bit strange. If Platinum thinks it works better on Switch than PS4 then, coupled with the exclusivity deal, it makes sense that Sony isn’t getting either.

However, nothing has been officially confirmed pertaining to Astral Chain being a Switch exclusive. It could even be a timed exclusive for all we know, so we’ll just have to wait it out.