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Will there be a Judgment PC or Xbox One release?

You might be curious to know if there is a Judgment PC or Xbox One release on the cards. The action-adventure open world title is being made available worldwide on PS4 in the very near future, but there’s some confusion over ports for other platforms. If you want a definitive answer to this question, you’d do well to read our Judgment PC or Xbox One release guide.

Will there be a Judgment PC release?

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In a bid to answer this Judgment PC or Xbox One release query, we’ve divided them up into sub-sections. Depending on what platform you wish to play it on, you can read this section or the one below. It’s up to you.

Right, let’s take a look at the potential PC port first. At the moment, there are no plans for Sega to bring Judgment to PC. Whether that’s via Steam or the Epic Games Store, there’s no official confirmation or denial on this.

However, there’s a possibility that it might wing its way to PC in the future. In a recent interview with IGN about this possibility, Judgment producer Kazuki Hosokawa revealed that porting Yakuza to Steam showed that there was an audience on PC for games like this.

Will there be a Judgment Xbox One release?

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Potential plans for a Judgment PC release doesn’t necessarily mean that an Xbox One release might also be incoming though. After all, games have come to PC and not Xbox One despite both being owned by Microsoft.

However, Hosokawa didn’t deny this possibility either. In the same interview linked above, Hosokawa stated that the development team was “considering the possibilities not only for Steam but also for other formats.”

All of that means that it’s always plausible that Judgment will work its way to both platforms. With the worldwide release of the game only coming six months after its initial Japanese launch, however, it could be a while before we find out for sure.