Dauntless Cell Store Bug | Why can’t I use aetherdust?

Oh dear. A Dauntless cell store bug is causing players to lose their minds with Phoenix Labs due to the fact that they can’t use aetherdust to buy it. Instead, they’re being wiped out of their platinum stores. If you want to find a fix to this problem, you’ll want to read our Dauntless cell store bug guide.

Dauntless Cell Store Bug | Platinum glitch

Dauntless Cell Store Bug

Right then, the Dauntless cell store bug has caused fury to descend upon the game’s community as players are left furious over their depleted platinum stores. Platinum is an in-game item that you can only get by spending real money in the game’s shop. As such, it’s a rare commodity that you’ll want to keep hold of in order to get the best skins and cosmetics in the game.

At least that’s what should happen. As this Reddit thread shows, people are being left bewildered that their platinum is being used when they want to buy cells. Cells provide you with buffs for your weapons and other items, so getting your hands on some extras isn’t a bad thing.

Normally you can choose to buy them from the Middleman using platinum or aetherdust. However, players are finding that, even if they confirm to spend aetherdust on a cell, platinum is getting used instead. This Youtube video by Dominik Kucharovic shows it in full effect, and people aren’t happy, as you can imagine.

Dauntless Cell Store Bug | Is there a fix?

Dauntless Cell Store Bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Dauntless cell store bug at the moment. The issue has only cropped up as a result of the 0.8.2 patch. This update went live in the game on Friday, June 7 but the problem has only appeared as more and more players have unearthed it.

Phoenix Labs will likely be looking into it as we speak, as they keep a close eye on the game’s Reddit page. Hopefully, it won’t be long before a fix is patched through.