Dauntless | How to craft the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer

If you really want to maximize the amount of power that you have in Dauntless, then knowing how to get your hands on Exotic Weapons can be the difference that you’re looking for. Weapons like the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer are definitely worth pursuing. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of the Exotic Weapons in Dauntless, though, you’re going to find a long and arduous journey ahead of you. Thankfully, we can help you along the way, and this guide will show you everything that you need to know to learn how to craft the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer, as well as go over what you need to do to upgrade it and make it stronger.

Dauntless | How to get the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer blueprint

Before you can craft the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer, you’re going to need to acquire the blueprint for the weapon. This will take a bit of work, as you’ll need to progress in Dauntless until you unlock Heroic Patrols and Heroic Pursuits. With these higher-leveled missions unlocked, you’ll be able to boost your Slayer Rank even more by taking on stronger Behemoths.

Dauntless - Get the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer - Charrogg Behemoth

The best way to acquire the blueprint for the Molten Edict is to head into the Heroic Patrols for Blaze Behemoths, or by taking on the Firebrand Charrogg Pursuits available in the Heroic playlist. Like most higher quality items in Dauntless, you won’t be guaranteed a drop for the blueprint, which means you could be grinding for a bit to find it. The biggest thing to remember is that you want to continue to take on the Firebrand Charrogg as it is the Blaze Behemoth with the highest chance of dropping the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer blueprint that you’re looking for. Even then, the chance is still rather slim.

Continue grinding the Firebrand Charrogg Heroic Pursuit or grind out the Heroic Blaze Patrols until you receive the blueprint as a drop. Now that you’ve got the basic blueprint, you can finally start the long process of gathering the right crafting materials.

Dauntless | How to craft the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer

With the blueprint in your possession, it’s time to start the real work. You’re going to need to gather a few quality ingredients if you want to craft the hammer, so let’s go over the list right now.

You’ll need:

  • 150 Rams
  • 3 Charrogg Scale
  • 4 Scorched Rockhide
  • 6 Elemental Furyplate
  • 3 Elemental Tailgem

Scorched Rockhide is picked up by breaking parts off of the Charrogg. You’ll also earn Charrogg Scale by focusing on breaking off Behemoth parts as well. Getting your hands on the Elemental Tailgem and Elemental Furyplate you need will be a bit tricky, though. To gather these items you’re going to need to take on Elemental Behemoths that are Threat Level 8+ while they are enraged (Behemoths usually glow red when enraged). To get the Elemental Tailgem, make sure to focus on destroying the tail on the Behemoth when it’s enraged. For the Elemental Furyplate, you’re going to have to break the limbs of the enraged Elemental Behemoths during battle as well. It might take you a bit to get all of the pieces you need, so try to bring along some friends to speed the process up.

Dauntless How to craft the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer


The best way to break parts off is to focus on using weapons like the Chain Blades, Sword, Axe, or even War Pikes. These items can sever the tail or horns, allowing you to farm for the pieces you need. The Hammer can be great for staggering the Behemoths, but it won’t allow you to sever parts, so keep that in mind.

When you have gathered all of the items needed to craft the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer, you’ll be able to start using it. Of course, upgrading is always an option as well, and upgrading the Molten Edict won’t be an easy process.

Dauntless | How to upgrade the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer

To upgrade the Molten Edict, you’re going to need to acquire a ton of materials once more. For Level +1 to Level +5 you will need to collect and use Blaze Orbs like usual. However, once you’re ready to upgrade to Level +6, you’re going to need the following items:

  • 12 Dull Arcstone
  • 9 Blaze Orbs
  • 4 Smoldering Firebrand
  • 2 Smoldering Horn
  • 6 Neutral Furytooth
  • 3 Neutral Clawgem

You can farm Dull Arcstone (and the various other types of Arcstone in Dauntless) by taking on Dire Patrols. Smoldering Firebrand and the Smoldering Horn that you need can be acquired by heading into Charrogg hunts and breaking off the different Behemoth parts on the Charrogg. It might take you a bit to farm the pieces you need, so make sure you’re using weapons that can break off the parts that you need. Neutral Furytooth is collected by breaking the heads of Neutral Behemoths that are ranked Threat Level 8+ while they are enraged. You’ll need to break the limbs of enraged Neutral Behemoths that are ranked Threat Level 8+ for the Neutral Clawgem that you want.

Since these hunts are some of the most difficult in the game, it’s highly recommended that you bring along a group of friends or team up with random players. You’ll also want a nice variation of weapons that can sever Behemoth parts, as well as a Hammer which can be used to stagger the beasts. Staggering the Behemoths will allow you more time to really go to town and deal more damage to them while they are enraged.

Dauntless - Riftstalker Behemoth on the prowl

To continue upgrading the Molten Edict Exotic Hammer, you’re going to need to use Blaze Orbs, Dull Arcstone, and Shining Arcstone. You can acquire Shining Arcstone by completing Dire Patrols (just like the Dull Arcstone you had to farm earlier in the process). Collecting these varying amounts will allow you to upgrade the Exotic Hammer from Level +7 to Level +9. When you’ve reached this milestone, you’ll then need to acquire several additional items to upgrade up to Level +10.

You will need the following parts to upgrade for the next upgrade:

  • 24 Dull Arcstone
  • 11 Blaze Orbs
  • 60 Shining Arcstone
  • 8 Charrogg Scale
  • 3 Smoldering Tailspike
  • 3 Smoldering Horn
  • 6 Aetheric Claw
  • 2 Lumbering Flamesoul Shard
  • 3 Elemental Skullgem

As you might expect from one of the highest upgrade levels for the Molten Edict, you’re going to spend a good deal of time grinding out the items you need for this level. First, focus on gathering the Dull Arcstone, Shining Arcstone, and Blaze Orbs that you need. As the easiest items to grab, you might even already have all the pieces you need.

From here, you can move on to the Charrogg Scale, Smoldering Tailspike, and Smoldering Horn. These are all items acquired by breaking parts off of the Charrogg, so head into a Heroic Patrol or Pursuit and start doing work. This will leave three types of items for you to collect, which are by far the most difficult that you’ve had to gather during this entire crafting process.

Lumbering Flamesoul Shard is an Epic rarity drop that can be obtained from killing the Heroic Firebrand Charrogg. As one of the more difficult enemies in the game, you’ll need to bring some friends along and fight this beast. If you’re lucky, it shouldn’t take you long to acquire the two special pieces that you need. Next you can focus on the Aetheric Claw, which is a Rare drop from an Aether-charged Behemoth that is Threat Level 8+. Wait for the Behemoth to becoming elementally charged and then break off its limbs and claws to acquire this item. Finally, you’ll need to break the heads of Elemental Behemoths within two minutes of starting combat to pick up the Elemental Skullgem that you need.

The final five levels (Level +11 to Level +15) will require you to gather large quantities of Peerless Arcstone, with the final upgrade, Level +15, costing a whopping 40 Peerless Arcstone to complete. Now that you’ve completed the upgrades, though, you’ll have one of the most powerful Hammers available in Dauntless. That’s definitely an achievement worth being excited about.