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Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack | How to unlock the black skins

Another day, and another leak. This time, data miners have unearthed a Fortnite Shadow Legends pack within the game’s code. If you’re curious about its potential release date, and how to unlock the black skins, we’ve got you covered as per usual. Read our Fortnite Shadow Legends pack guide for more details.

Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack | Release date

Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack

Right then, let’s look at the main Fortnite Shadow Legends pack question you’ll have. Namely, its release date. Unfortunately, we don’t have one yet. As you might have guessed, leaks don’t tend to come with official launch dates so we’ll have to wait a while for confirmation from Epic Games.

That won’t stop us from speculating on when it could arrive though. New items, weapons, skins, and LTMs are found within Fortnite‘s code all the time. It isn’t usually long before they’re patched into the game properly too once they’re found.

From that, we’d guess that the Shadow Legends pack will be available at some point in the next two to three weeks. We could even be surprised and get it when the next big update goes live on Thursday. We suspect that would be a bit too early though, so we’re sticking with our original suggestion.

Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack | How to get the shadow skins

Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack

If we don’t know about the Fortnite Shadow Legends pack release date, we won’t know how to actually unlock them yet either. It’s likely that the pack will be available to buy in the Fortnite shop, so you might want to stock up on those V-Bucks for a fortnight or so.

What we do know is how they’ll look. The Shadow Legends pack comes with three all-black skins for you to choose from, as well as the customary back bling and wrap that all skin packs do.

You can get a better look at the outfits in this Lucas7yoshi tweet, and decide which one you’ll wear ahead of time.