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Fortnite Air Strike Item | Release date and how to unlock

Those pesky data miners have been at it again. This time, they’ve found that a Fortnite Air Strike item will be making its way to Epic Games’ battle royale title. We don’t have much to go on for it, but we can offer you an idea of its release date and how to unlock it. Read our Fortnite Air Strike item for more details.

Fortnite Air Strike Item | Release date

Fortnite Air Strike Item

If you’ve read any of our other Fortnite leak guides today, you’ll know that we don’t have a definitive launch date for the Fortnite Air Strike item. That’s because it’s only just been unearthed in the game’s code, and Epic has kept schtum on when it might eventually arrive.

We know it’s coming, though, thanks to leakers such as Lucas7yoshi. This tweet shows what the Air Strike weapon will look like. It looks like nothing more than a grenade, but we suspect it will do huge damage to anyone who gets hit by it.

As for when we think it will appear in-game, it could be sometime in the near future. There might be a weekly challenge attached to it in the next two or three weeks, especially if it’s been found in the game’s files, so we guess it’ll be very soon indeed.

Fortnite Air Strike Item | How to get it

Fortnite Air Strike Item

Yes, you’ve guessed correctly. We don’t know how you’ll be able to unlock the Fortnite Air Strike item yet. We simply don’t know it’ll be available to find in chests located across the map, or if it’ll only be available in a specific LTM.

If it’s an exclusive item to the latter, the chances are that it’ll be a matchwinning item that will secure you with a victory.

If nothing else, with a name like Air Strike it’ll do damage to anything that it hits. That could be you, your mates, or even the structures you build to defend yourself. Think of it as a bunker buster, and you’ll have the right idea.