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Judgment Doctor Location | How to heal Mortal Wounds

During the course of Judgment, you might find yourself on the receiving end of Mortal Wounds. The Yakuza spin-off’s new feature permanently lowers your health bar. That is, unless you know the Judgment Doctor location, who should be able to patch you up as good as new. The problem is, he’s nowhere to be found in the game’s early hours. Below, we’ll show you why that is and, crucially, where the doctor is. We’ll also run through how to heal Mortal Wounds if your health has taken a bit of a beating.

Judgment Doctor location

Judgment Doctor location

The first thing you should know about the Judgment doctor is that he’s locked until the player reaches Chapter 2. About halfway through the chapter, though, Yagami will come across a sick homeless man in dire need of some help. This will kick off a Friend Event that will, eventually, see you find the Judgment doctor. Complete the tasks at hand and you’ll eventually meet the doctor very soon as part of the main story.

While he is completely unmissable, here’s the exact location, should you want to find him later in the game:

  • Head to the Children’s Park in the north-west section of Kamurocho.

Judgment Doctor

  • Go towards the back of the park, past the two homeless men. You will see a manhole.
  • Interact with the manhole and take the ladder to the sewers

Judgment Doctor

  • Follow the path in front of you until you reach the doctor’s makeshift hospital-of-sorts.

Judgment Doctor

How to heal Mortal Wounds in Judgment

judgment mortal wounds

Of course, the doc isn’t always on hand, especially during the game’s longer combat sections. If you’ve been shot or hit by a particularly powerful boss attack, you’ll suffer a health bar-cutting Mortal Wound, which knocks off a portion of your health.

The only way to recover that is via the doctor healing you up (talk to him and select “I need a check-up”) or by purchasing a medical kit from him. Fair warning: These are pretty pricey and should only be used if you’re in serious need of recovering your entire health bar. Here’s what the Judgment Doctor has in stock:

  • Medical Kit (S) – 40,000 yen
  • Medical Kit (M) – 70,000 yen
  • Medical Kit (L) – 110,000 yen

Note: Medical kits are the only items that recover your health bar and help you heal Mortal Wounds. No other item, nor food, can restore you back to full health.