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Fortnite Revolver | Release date and stats

There’s a Fortnite Revolver coming to Epic Games’ battle royale title very soon, if you believe people who leak things ahead of time. Normally we wouldn’t have too much to talk about despite the leak, but we have been given the new gun’s stats ahead of time. We’ve also decided to speculate on when its release date might be so, for more on all of this, you can wrap your eyes around our Fortnite Revolver guide.

Fortnite Revolver | When is it released?

Fortnite Revolver

If you’ve ever read one of our leaked game guides before, you’ll have an idea on when the Fortnite Revolver launch day might be. Yep, as always we’re not entirely sure. We have an inkling that it will be sometime soon though, otherwise, its code wouldn’t be in the game’s files. Expect a June or July 2019 release.

Well-known Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi revealed that the Revolver was coming in the near future, and also provided us with a first look at it. Taking to their Twitter account, the data miner showed it’s pretty much your atypical sidearm. A six gun barrel, with a brown handle, and gray motif. Coupled with the caption “Fast, precise sidearm, with a good punch but small capacity”, it’s not one of your more outlandish Fortnite weapons.

Fortnite Revolver | Stats

Fortnite Revolver

If you’re disappointed in our lack of Fortnite Revolver release date knowledge, maybe we can win you back over by showing its stats. Again, Lucas7yoshi revealed these first, but we’ve delved into them too to see just how good or bad it will be.

Firstly, the Revolver is believed to be of Epic or Legendary rarity. A nice start then. Each rarity level has a different damage output too, with the Epic version doing 63 damage and the Legendary type 66.

The Revolver has a rate of fire of 1.5 per second and a clip size of six. Finally, the reload times for the Epic and Legendary versions are 1.8 seconds and 1.9 seconds respectively.