Fortnite 2.27 Update Patch Notes

The Fortnite 2.27 update patch notes have now been detailed by developer Epic Games. The new Fortnite patch today implements some fixes, which follow the changes made with the most recent 9.30 update. Happily, this new Fortnite update does note require any downtime, which means players can continue to play the game as soon as the update is downloaded and installed. Players across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iPhone will now find a new download available. Simply get the 2.743 GB (on PS4, at least) file installed and then you can continue playing.

Fortnite 2.27 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 2.27 update patch notes

If you’re a keen Fortnite player, you might be surprised to see a second patch rolling out this week. Epic Games is usually pretty consistent with its one update per week routine, unless there’s a big issue that needs fixing. Well, the Fortnite 2.27 update is indeed here to sort out a number of significant problems.

First, there’s the bizarre issue of traps changing colors after being placed. The Fortnite 2.27 update will address these, stopping traps from suddenly changing from their default color.

Another thing that the Fortnite 2.27 update helps to fix, is the issue that is preventing some players from logging in. If you haven’t been able to get into the game recently, try downloading the new 2.27 patch. Once installed, boot back up and see if you can matchmake and find a game.

The third and final fix that the Fortnite 2.27 patch implements are “stability fixes.” No specifics are given, as usual, but expect things to work more often, and break on fewer occasions.

The new Fortnite update brings a number of important fixes to the game, which should help make the game more enjoyable for the huge base of players.

Unless Epic Games decides to roll out another update this week, you can expect the next update (2.28) to be rolled out next week. (Usually a Tuesday or Wednesday.)