Box art - Wheel of Fortune Platinum

Wheel of Fortune Platinum iPhone Cheats


Always Win

When you have solved a round and you didn't win it you can hit the home button on your iPhone after the answer is revealed to return to that game and solve the puzzle.


Egotist - Solve all puzzles in a TV Show game

Gambler - Win the Jackpot

GRT JB - Solve a puzzle without any vowels

Hard Nut Cracker - Win TV show on Hard difficulty

How did you know? - Don't get any letters wrong

Jackpot Victor - Win a Jackpot Round

Mysterious - Win $10,000 from the Mystery Wedge

Mystery Victor - Win a Mystery Round

One by One - Uncover all letters in the puzzle

One Shot Millionaire - Win the Million Dollar grand prize

Piece of Cake - Win TV show on Easy difficulty

Self Made - Get a total career cash of 1 million dollars

Serious Player - Win TV show on Medium difficulty

Shopping Spree - Buy all vowels in a puzzle

Special Winner - Win a Themed Event

Speedy - Win a Speed-Up Round

Spinning Addict - Spin the wheel five times in a row

The cherry on top - Win a Bonus Round

Warming Up - Win a Toss-Up Round

Who Needs Letters - Solve a puzzle with less than 25% of the letters uncovered