Box art - Sorcery

Sorcery PS3 Cheats


There are 18 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

1.21 Gigawatts (Silver) - Cast lightning trap, lightning storm, and lightning bolt simultaneously

Am I Epic Yet? (Bronze) - Execute the fire/wind/arcane combo

Bank Shot (Bronze) - Kill an enemy with a double ricochet

Banshee Slayer (Bronze) - Kill the Banshee

Booty Hunter (Silver) - Open 50% of the chests in the game

Burninated (Silver) - Set 7 enemies on fire at the same time

Celestial Engineer (Bronze) - Repair the sky

Dark Victory (Gold) - Kill the Nightmare Queen

Dehydrated (Gold) - Beat the game without drinking a single health potion

Elf Abuser (Bronze) - Kill the Elf Assassin

Finish Him Already (Bronze) - Keep an enemy chilled for 20 seconds

Fire & Ice (Bronze) - Kill a fire sylph and an ice sylph with a lightning storm

Full Spice Rack (Silver) - Find every ingredient in the game

Ice to Meet You (Bronze) - Freeze yourself with a reflected ice bolt

It's Mine, All Mine! (Gold) - Open every chest in the game

Let's Get Physical (Bronze) - Kill an enemy with shield bash

Like a Rat in a Trap (Bronze) - Die while you're a rat

Makin' Bacon (Bronze) - Change every sheep at the tower into a pig

Master of Fire (Silver) - 150 kills with fire

Master of Ice (Silver) - 150 kills with ice

Quit Hitting Yourself (Bronze) - Take damage from a reflected arcane bolt

Shattered (Silver) - Shatter 3 enemies with one hit

She's Just Not That Into You (Bronze) - Killed by Erline

Shooting Blind (Bronze) - Kill an enemy that you can't see with curved bolt

Spider-nado (Bronze) - Pick up 5 spiders with a whirlwind

Take that! And that! (Bronze) - Hit an enemy with arcane, ice, wind, fire, and lightning

The Collector (Gold) - Collect every treasure in the game

The Miser (Silver) - Accumulate 20,000 gold

The Old One-Two (Silver) - Hit an enemy simultaneously with a curved bolt and a straight bolt

The Potions Master (Silver) - Research every potion in the game

Tree Killer (Bronze) - Kill the Forest Guardian

Troll Hunter (Bronze) - Kill the Troll in Ordale

Ultimate Sorcerer (Platinum) - Collect all the other trophies in the game

Zapped (Silver) - Kill 4 sylphs with one lightning bolt