Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync | Can you turn it on?

The ability to turn on Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync would be wonderful, saving Android and iPhone users a lot of battery power. Adventure Sync is a way for distance traveled to be tracked by the game, even when it’s not actually open. This is incredibly helpful in other games, and would be great in Harry Potter Wizards Unite to constantly make progress towards unlocking Portkeys. Here’s what you need to know about Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync | Is it in the game?

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync has now been added to the game with the January 28 update.

Many features have carried over from the Pokemon Go title, including Portkeys which act very much like Pokemon Eggs, and Adventure Sync is now available as well. You will no longer need to keep the app open for the steps and distance to be registered.

In addition to Adventure Sync, the Battery Saver option has made its way across. This allows users to turn their phone in their pocket and have the screen turn to black. This is especially effective for those phones which boast OLED screens.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync Release Date

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync release date is finally here. What with how popular this game is likely to be, perhaps developer Niantic is staggering the release of features, to maintain stability and to be able to save some fan-favorite mechanics for big updates later down the road.

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync release date has now been announced and rolled out, so ensure you download the latest update to turn it on and gain credit for walking with the app closed. Now you no longer need to suffer terrible battery drain issues.