Demon Slayer Episode 12 Air Date

We’re up to Demon Slayer episode 12. Yep, it’s already been three months since the devlish anime landed in our laps in striking fashion, and if you want to watch the new Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba episode online, it’s pays to be with GameRevolution. That’s because we’ll not only show you the best (legal!) place to watch Demon Slayer episode 12, but we’ll also fill you in on release dates and times for those in the US as well as the UK. Anime can be tough to follow at the best of times in regards to its release schedule; we’re here to make things a little more straightforward for you.

When is the Demon Slayer episode 12 air date?

demon slayer episode 12

Aren’t weekend animes just the best? Put your feet up and relax. The Demon Slayer episode 12 air date is Saturday, June 22.

Unlike a few of its contemporaries, which air during prime time in Japan and not in the traditional early morning slot, it won’t be a bleary-eyed release time for you to face and contend with. In the US, you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s only 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern.

In the UK, meanwhile, that’s a start time of 5 PM BST.

So, have you set your alarms? Good. Here’s where you need to go.

As ever, Crunchyroll is the premier place for premieres. Head to the Demon Slayer page just before the hour, refresh at Noon Eastern, and you should be good to go.

Demon Slayer episode 12 English dub release time

demon slayer episode 12

Aniplex, which has licensing rights for Demon Slayer in the US, has not yet dropped an announcement in regards to a Demon Slayer English dub. With the show only just closing in on the halfway stage of its subbed release, it’s perhaps best not to expect anything in that regard until a few months down the line.