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Fortbyte 11 | Found beneath a circling jungle parrot location

The sun rose in the east today, which means a new Fortnite Fortbyte has made its way into the game. Fortbyte 11 is the latest addition to the Fortbyte event and has players scrambling to add it to their collection. Fortbyte 11 can be found beneath a circling jungle parrot. As per usual, the hidden item will have players searching all over the map trying to find the Fortbyte 11 location. So, where exactly is the beneath a circling jungle parrot location?

Fortbyte 11 Location | Beneath a circling jungle parrot

Today’s Fortbyte clue is a bit cryptic and is likely going to cause players a little bit of trouble while trying to find the circling jungle parrot location. Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you and are going to show you exactly where you can find Fortbyte 11.

Fortbyte 11 location

Queue up a game and hop on the Battle Bus. As you’re getting ready to drop, open up your map and find the Pressure Plant. To find the circling jungle parrot, you’re going to want to head to the right of the Pressure Plant on the map. You can see the exact location that you’ll need to go to in order to find the Fortbyte 11 location on the map above.

Fortbyte 11 location map

As you land, you should see Fortbyte 11 sitting next to a couple of trees in the woods. Additionally, as you land, if you look up, you should see the circling jungle parrot. So, if you get lost, just look up and try to find the parrot. Once you find it, you can simply run in its direction and you’ll end up at Fortbyte 11’s location.

Fortbyte 11 location

Once you’ve found the hidden item, simply search it like normal to add it to your collection. Once you’ve done that, you can get started on the 14 Days of Summer challenges which released earlier today.