Battlefield 5 Can’t Spawn bug fix | Deploy isn’t working error

Have you fallen victim to the Battlefield 5 can’t spawn bug? This frustrating error can pop up and make it so you can’t deploy at the beginning of a match. Unlucky players will find themselves stuck looking at an overhead view of the game world with no way to get into the battle. This bug appears to only happen at the beginning of a match, as far as we know, so at least you’ll be spared the pain of getting stuck once a game has gotten going.

It can certainly be a downer when you want to hop into the action, especially because this Battlefield 5 can’t spawn bug seems to be popping up entirely at random. Nobody can really say for sure what’s causing it just yet, but Electronic Arts has at least provided a solution that will let you get into the game.

Battlefield 5 Can’t Spawn bug fix | How to fix the bug

Battlefield 5 Can't Spawn

This strange bug has made it impossible for people to get into Battlefield 5 matches. According to a tweet from the Battlefield Community Manager, this is not a problem that is happening to everyone. It doesn’t seem to be tied to accounts, nor is it the kind of bug that can happen to you repeatedly. Thankfully, there’s a fix in place that will let you get into the fight. However, you might not be able to get into the game that you want to.

To fix the Battlefield 5 can’t spawn bug, all you have to do is leave the server and rejoin it. Once that’s done, you should be able to get right into the game. In the unlikely chance that you can’t, you should just disconnect and rejoin a second time to see if that works.

EA hasn’t yet discovered the cause for this bug. They’re currently investigating the issue, but for now, it seems that this bug is only going to be a minor inconvenience that will eat up a few minutes of your time at most as you reconnect to the game server.