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Final Fantasy 14 5.0 Update Patch Notes | FF14 Shadowbringers update

The next big Final Fantasy 14 expansion, Shadowbringers, is releasing on July 2, 2019. Before the expansion goes live, Square Enix has unveiled the Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes. Below, you’ll find a large selection of the most important Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.0 fixes, changes, and additions. There’s an absolute ton of new stuff to get through here, so please bear with us. Read on for everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers update version 5.0 including changes, new features, bug fixes, and more.

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes

It nearly goes without saying that the main reason for this extra-large Final Fantasy 14 update is to introduce us all to the game’s latest expansion: Shadowbringers. This brings with it plenty of new areas to explore, characters to discover, quests to complete, and more. We’ve gathered together the best that the Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update has to offer. Read through it all below.

New Quests

What good would a Final Fantasy 14 expansion be without plenty of new quests to complete? Thankfully, there are loads in Shadowbringers. This includes new main scenario, side story, Role, and Job quests. Square Enix is keen for you to discover them for yourselves, so it has purposefully not told us all of the new quests.

New with the expansion is Crystarium Deliveries. These are a new kind of Custom Deliveries. Every Disciple of the Hand or Land should be able to progress “through one of five series of quests associated with the different facets of the Crystalline Mean.” When you complete any Crystarium Delivery for any facet of the Crystalline Mean, the story for that facet will progress. You must, however, complete the Inscrutable Tastes quest before you can take part in any Crystarium Delivery.

New Areas

Plenty of new areas have been added into Final Fantasy 14, just waiting to be explored. All of the following Cities and Field Areas are available to those who buy Shadowbringers only (there are a few new City and Field Aetherytes, too):

  • Cities
    • Eulmore
    • The Crystarium
  • Field Areas
    • Amh Araeng
    • Il Mheg
    • Kholusia
    • Lakeland
    • The Rak’tika Greatwood


Housing has been significantly added to thanks to the 5.0 update. You can now add furnishings from the Furnishing Design Content to your homes, for instance. On top of this, plenty of new furnishings, mannequins, estate tags, and more have been added. Thankfully, if you want to know what a particular piece of furnishing will look like in your home before you place it down for good, including editing its size and colors, you now can with the Furnishing Preview. Only one furnishing can be viewed at a time, and not all furnishing types can be previewed, unfortunately.

On top of all this, new flower seeds can be bought and grown, along with new aquarium fishes that you can display. There’s a lot of new things you can do in your Final Fantasy 14 homes now, as long as you own A Realm Reborn or above.

New Races

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes

The Shadowbringers 5.0 update brings with it two new races that you can select and play as when creating a new character, editing your character’s appearance with Fantasia, or hiring a retainer. The two new Races are Hrothgar and Viera. You can see an image of them above.

Battle System

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes

While plenty of changes and additions have taken place thanks to the 5.0 update in terms of the battle system, but there is one addition the Shadowbringers update brings that is perhaps bigger than the rest. The Level Cap for any and all Disciples of War and Magic has been increased. The Level Cap following the 5.0 update is Level 80.

Along with this, two brand-new Jobs have been added, both of which begin at Level 60. These are the Gunbreaker (image above) and Dancer (image below) Jobs. To unlock the Gunbreaker Job you must complete “The Makings of a Gunbreaker” quest when you are Level 60. You’ll find it in New Gridania. To unlock the Dancer Job, you need to complete the “Shall We Dance” quest, again, when you are Level 60. You’ll find it located in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. Read through the full patch notes to see everything that has changed in the Battle System.

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes

Other Additions and Changes

Along with everything else, there are hundreds of other changes and additions in the 5.0 update. This includes, but is not limited to, new Leve quests, FATEs, adjustments to Grand and Free Companies, changes to Doman Mahjong, new emotes, new hairstyles, new dungeons, new trials, new enemies, new elite marks, The Lawns (an expansion of the Stone, Sky, Sea, is a new feature), new items, PvP changes, and tonnes of other smaller changes. This really is a ridiculously big update.

You can read through all of it via the link to the official Final Fantasy 14 website either above or below.

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 Update Patch Notes

Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes

As we have already mentioned, there are tons of individual Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes. Unfortunately, this means we simply cannot list them all without forcing you to scroll through them all seemingly endlessly. We’ve gathered together the biggest new additions, changes, and fixes from the update in the highlights above.

To read through the complete list of Final Fantasy 14 5.0 update patch notes to see absolutely everything that has been changed, fixed, and added, please follow this link to the official Final Fantasy 14 website. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the sheer number of patch notes, however. Remember, too, that the 5.0 update should go live on July 2, on both PC and PS4 versions of the game.