Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event Date, Unique Encounters, and Challenges

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event first appeared during the game’s beta test. Now that Wizards Unite is live, fans are hoping to see the event make a return. Well, there’s good news! The Brilliant Event is making a comeback, and it’s sooner than you think! What is the Brilliant Event? In short, it’s a limited-time event that has new Foundables, Special Assignments, and a special page in the registry that tracks all of your event progress. Players can look forward to some tougher-than-usual encounters with some very special enemies.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event | Foundables and Special Assignments

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event

The Wizards Unite Hub has a list of what kind of encounters we can expect to see based on the first time the event has run:

  • Brilliant Buckbeak
  • Brilliant Salamander
  • Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump
  • Brilliant Snargaluff
  • Brilliant Unicorn
  • Brilliant Young Acromantula

In addition, you can expect to engage in several unique tasks for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event. Players will be able to do the following once the event officially gets underway:

  • Walking a certain distance (several kilometers at least)
  • Collecting from Inns
  • Picking up ingredients
  • Picking up Portmanteaus
  • Unlocking Portkeys
  • Returning higher-level Foundables and Brilliant Foundables
  • Performing “Great” spellcasts
  • Brewing potions

Now that we know what to expect in the event, the only thing that’s left is the when! When exactly will we be able to get into the Brilliant Event?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event Date | When does it start?

Fans playing the beta of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had a lot of fun with the Brilliant Event and now it’s poised to make its return for the very first time since the game went live. The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event will be back in the game sometime on July 3, 2019.

Although we can base a lot of our knowledge on the previous event, we can’t say for sure what exactly to expect the second time around. It might be more of the same, but Niantic may very well come out with one or two new things for players to do! You’ll be able to see the event for yourself on July 3.